We could never make Oiselle’s chief bird and lead designer, Sally Bergesen, pick favorites from the designs she holds so dearOops… we did! Get ready folks, these are Sally’s top gift picks this holiday season!

While puffy mania sweeps the land, I’d like to point out that there’s a dark horse in our outerwear line up. Cat Lady Jacket! Seriously fuzzy (double sided, high pile fleece that wears and washes like the premium faux fur outerwear style that it is). Seriously warm (warmer than a mom hug, a snug hug, and a bear hug all rolled into one). And seriously #flystyle. If you remember the Livinit Jacket, the Cat Lady is this same jacket - with some just-right updates, including a more premium fleece for durability, and cat lady sass of course.

I’m not going to say who I’m giving it to, but rather who I’ve already given it to: my self, my daughters and my dear friend Liz’s 9 year old son, because he’s stylish like that.

Okay, you know the power of the puff cannot be stopped. And I should confess here that outerwear is my obsession. Oiselle will become an outerwear apparel company, because - hello, outside is everything! And we can’t have the elements, whether that’s rain, wind, or snow - stop us from knowing the beauty of the world. That’s where premium wind/water resistant fabric, plus a sustainably sourced down-synthetic blend from Primaloft come on. 

Call Her. The Vest, the Jacket. I own four (wearing the red vest as I type), and have already gifted many. On my list this year, is both my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. Both will get the vest in size XL. She’s a dog lover, tattoo artist, and fan of all things puffy, so I feel I’ve got a home run!


Up until recently when it got super cold and wet, I was a Mesh Cap addict. Something about the lightness, the cord in the back, and the fold-able bill. As soon as the dark and the rain came, though, I had to switch to the Roga Hat. First, it repels light rain and moisture no problem. And if it’s a downpour, it evaporates quickly. Second, reflectivity and a pocket! And bonus: it’s got the same incredible stretch as the Roga Shorts, so it’s a super easy fit, from small heads (like mine) to our office, which it turns out, is filled with big headed women!

As you can probably tell, I’m obsessed with all of our outerwear this year, and it really comes down to one thing: fabric quality. The Vigor Vest, which has become my final layer on so many runs this Fall, is sourced from our friends at Pertex, a Japanese mill with more than 30 years experience making the world’s best outerwear fabrics. The result is ultra lightweight durability. In fact, the rip tests on this fabric are insane. Practically indestructible. But perfectly lightweight and quick drying for running, as we all need some core warmth and love, while keeping our arms free to move. Oh man, the RED is my color. Incredibly beautiful and saturated - plus, bam, a stuff-able pocket bag makes it easy to stash and carry.

Simple. Stylish. Soft. It’s the layer I love to put under outerwear, or just as a mid-weight layer on crisp day. In particular, I love how the rib cuffs and hem bring it up and out of slouch-ville. She’s got more swagger than that. And it works equally well with leggings, jeans, a hoop skirt, you know - holi-dazzle. This is another one of those styles where I could tell its success by how often my teen daughters stole it, the little thieves.

What makes us happy? Underwear. What makes us happier? Running underwear. What makes us happiest? Running underwear with cheeky phrases! Rundies are high tech (seamless construction and yarns mean they’re made to move and sweat), they’re comfy (uber-stretchy and easy fit), and they’re sassy. A pack of three, “get your rear in gear,” “run your butt off,” and my favorite, “lead from behind” are like motivational mojo… from the rear.


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Allyson Ely