We're capping off our gift picks series with none other than Oiselle HQ! See what the Nesters are gifting and why. And don't forget, 20% off gift picks ends 12/11 at midnight. Shop Nest Picks

Kristin Metcalf | Team
Moto Lesley Knickers


"The Moto Lesley Knickers are one of my favorite knickers. This holiday season I am going to gift these to one of my running girlfriends. Specifically my friend Ann who has three kids. She works hard being a great mom, wife, and professional. She deserves to feel good when she runs and she definitely needs to be spoiled this holiday season. Every time I wear these knickers I wish I had another pair so that I always have a clean pair at hand."

Christy Slye | Sales
Lux Layer


"I choose the Lux Layer for ALL of my sisters-in-laws. They are all active and live in cold climates so this is a great layering piece for them and I can vouch for the quality! I own an original that has been washed and worn at least 100 times! It looks like new. I love to give "cozy" at the holidays!"

Heather Stephens | Team
Voltage Long Sleeve


"There's something about this fabric I can't get enough of. It's like butter, minus the extra holiday pounds. Incredibly soft and just the right amount of stretch. Gifting to my best friend who does it all - runs, skiis, bikes - and needs something light to take on all of her outdoor adventures. Seattle temps rolling around the mid 40's are a perfect match."

Mac | Marketing
Bomber Jacket


"Jinx with the entire office, but the Bomber Jacket is how you win the holidays. Upstage everything under that tree, even the little box with a key to a new red-bowed Lexus (does that really happen ever?) with the ultimate cool girl jacket."

Stephanie Peters | Design
Power Stretch Beanie


"My sister will definitely have a Power Stretch Beanie in her stocking this year! She lives and runs in NYC through the winter and this is the perfect hat to keep your head and ears toasty when the temps dip below freezing. The Polartec Power Stretch fabric is super warm and breathable, so it's perfect for running, cross country skiing, winter bootcamp, or any other high aerobic activity where you'll be generating some serious heat. Capture the flag snowball fight anyone?! The hidden pony tail hole makes it a great fit for ladies (and gents) with short or long locks."

JJ | Marketing
Charcoal Joggings


"To me the Charcoal Joggings are like my LBD, except with a magic compression to kick some serious butt on a 10 miler. With a drawer full of 6 different pairs of Go Joggings, these are always the one’s that get pulled out first (don’t be fooled, you’re allowed to choose favorites). Dress them up or down, they’re always the kicker to a winning look."

Christine Babcock | Customer Service
Bolt Tights


"The Bolt Tights are by far my favorite tights of this season! The unique lightning bolt pattern and seamless design makes these tights my go-to. The second I tried them on, I knew they were going on my sister’s Christmas list. She may not know she wants them, but the second she tries them on, she will be in love! They may be the key to cementing my position as “the favorite sister” (sorry Jessie)."

Katie Gardner | Marketing
Embossed Long Roga Shorts


"I'm gifting the E-Long Roga Shorts to my Mom. The lightweight fabric with lots of pockets make these a great choice for running, hiking, and walking her dogs. In my opinion, these are Oiselle's most versatile shorts. She lives in a warmer weather climate, so she can wear them practically year round!"

MaryAnne | Accounting
Lux Gloves


"I'm going to give these to my Mom. She'll LOVE the softness of the fabric. Now on her walks her hands will be warm and stylish!"

David | Accounting
Wazzie Wool Gaiter


"I do a gift exchange with a few friends and I'm getting the Wazzie Wool Gaiter in the bolt pattern, which is versatile for girls or boys. It works for any sport, but also looks good enough to wear just out and about. This wool is perfect: soft, warm, shrink-proof, and washable. I have one of my own and reach for it more often than I would a scarf. People will compliment your layering skills and say you look like a sexy bandit. How can you go wrong?!"

Sarah Lesko | Corp Dev
Wazzie Wool Jane John Leggings


"Do you know any cold-blooded people? Those shivering whippets who are always turning up the heat? Jane Johns are the perfect solution. Lightweight but pack some heat, perfect for layering under ski pants, jeans. Bonus: you can wear these for jammies and then just throw clothes on top, no need to get cold changing!"

Beth | Customer Service
Quilted Bomber Jacket


"My absolute new favorite item! My sister is going to be the lucky recepient of this one. Fortunately (and unfortunately) we don't live in the same city, so we won't be showing up to the same places in the same jacket! This has become my go to piece for everyday wear. The pretty nude lining is so soft and keeps you nice and toasty. I've been wearing mine out and about nearly everyday - throw on a scarf and you're good to go! My sister is just going to love it and I can't wait to see her rock it!"

Valerie | Oiselle Store + Fulfillment
Lux Track Pants


"I love the Lux Track Pants! They are great for everything from a cross country flight to wearing after a hard work out. Also, wonderful to sleep in! They look great paired with running shoes and short boots!"

Sydney | Wholesale
New Katron Vest
"My favorite item is the New Katron Vest in black. I have a different vest from Patagonia, and I like the New Katron better because it has a great warmth-to-puff ratio. It keeps me warm without making me look like a marshmallow. The design is really flattering, I love how athletic it looks, and the number of pockets is perfect!"


Baylee | Oiselle Store Stylist
New Katron Vest
"My current favorite item in the store is the Katron Vest, looks killer and feels like a million bucks. I love the fact that you can remove the hood and that there are 6 pockets - aka room for all my snacks… it is a piece of clothing that you can wear all the time and forever."

Kara | Oiselle Store Stylist
Flow Tights + Quilted Bomber Jacket


"I can't just pick one so I'll give you my top two! I love the Flow Tights because they're so soft and comfy and you can literally wear them for anything. I am also starting to fall for is the Bomber Jacket. I wore it for a day and then spent that night going back and forth about whether or not I should buy it. It's so soft on the inside and the detailing on the outside is very trendy but also subtle. Love it and will probably own it by the end of the year!"

Annie | Oiselle Store Stylist
Flyte 2000 Long Sleeve


"My favorite items are the Flyte 2000 or the Flow Tights (together they are my favorite outfit)! I love the Flyte 2000 because whenever I put it on it makes me feel powerful and the design makes me feel like a superhero. The Flow Tights are my other fave because they are my go to tight for everything. As a person who rides the bus for 3 hours a day they keep my legs warm and I never have to worry about my legs getting chilled, rain or shine."


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