Our muse and mentor, Lauren Fleshman, tells her top gifts! Shop her favorite styles, 20% off through 12/11.

Wallace Jacket
Innovative design looks cool, sure, but having roomier sleeves near the trunk allows more flow of body heat from the core to the extremities. Impressed!


Jane John Bra + Briefs
Woolies with consideration for the female form that keep me warm and cozy under my clothes. Will be cross country skiing in these this winter.

Katron Jacket
Equal quality to a patagonia puff with functional design details for the runner. Not for simply standing around like a penguin in. You can run or support crew in it. Thin and super warm, with wind/water protection a major upgrade. I size down.

KG Tights
Ultimate performer inspried by Kara Goucher. Zip ankles, sweet feather print on one side that brings back NY Fashion Week memories, and a wide waistband with a drawstring…Kara knows her shit.


LF Sweatpants
Non-schlumpy lightweight sweats that gather at the ankle and look hip as a mofo. They come in black, blue or white and you literally can't go wrong with any of them. They are the ideal casual pant that can hack it on the town as needed. 

Power Stretch Mittens
Warmer than gloves, but super lightweight, these fill a much needed niche. If it's under 40, these are my pick.

Lux Accessory Set
Accessories get used for years. Might as well get some that look and feel amazing and go with everything.I'm finding I use the headband more than the hat so I'd go with that if you have to choose. Also, these gloves make me feel like Audrey Hepburn.


Forrest Long Sleeve
Beautiful athletic fabric with an ideal silhouette that doesn't swish around, that keeps me warm, dry and fly. Love love it.

Moto Lesley Tights
Out of all my running tights, these handle winter weather best, and they stay up like a champ!

Wazzie Wool
There are clothes you keep forever. This stretchy, soft, wool classic is one of them. Please never ever change this Oiselle!


jacquelyn scofield