We would never play favorites. Oops, we just did!


“You know those cozy super soft blankets that feel like butter that you just melt under? Well the Cat Lady Mobius Scarf is that for your neck. The volume of this scarf wards off any cold weather that Mother Nature has to serve up. The performance style and functionality make this scarf a trifecta for winter and fall.” – Val Woods, Store Team



Wazzie Wool GaiterSo simple, but so perfect! Two layers of wool that don't leave me itching to take it off means this is a piece that gets used for everything - cold morning runs, snowboarding, or even hiking (easy to wear multiple ways or stash when no longer needed)! I have a couple of these and even keep one in my car for the on-the-go mom who doesn't pack enough layers and has a child who needs a little extra warmth, not that that's ever happened... ;)” – Kami Beckendorf, Designer



“The problem with the Wazzie Wool Base Layer is: it’s too durable. I still have all of my Wazzie Wools from the first season (was that 2014?). Soft, warm, highly technical, perfect in drizzle, 1st under-layer for snowboarding, travel godsend (air conditioning kills me). These Wazzie Wools never wear out. So I have no reason to buy any more. (Spoiler: I always do anyway. Current count: 6)” – Sarah Lesko, Queen Of Shenanigans 



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December 04, 2017 — Allyson Ely

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