Nerdy Birdie is back and better than ever!

nerdy birdie drawing_2.jpg

Here’s How to Play

Follow Oiselle on Twitter, and we'll let you know when Nerdy Birdie (seen above) is hiding! You can find her hiding in a product photo. When you find her, tweet @oiselle with #nerdybirdie and the link to the product where she is hiding. The first person to find her wins whatever product she's hiding on!

Who is Nerdy Birdie? Sally Explains...

Nerdy Birdie was dreamed up and drawn by my daughter, Iris, at age 10. With a bespectacled golf ball-sized head, she embodies the gentle spirit of that to be a "nerd" simply means that you're really, really into something. You love it to distraction. Doesn't matter what. Whether it's running, cooking, or soap making - own it! Nerdy Birdie reminds you it's okay.

Happy birding! 

*Nerdy Birdie winning products restricted to U.S. shipping only

October 23, 2016 — jbarnard

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