My Go-To Stay Healthy Move

May 20, 2011


As I've said before, my hips are the weak link in my running form. They are the cause of most of my falls into injury. Strengthening my hip abductors and traverse abdominis muscles (low, low abs - more like pelvic muscles) are my focus. Here's my new 1, 2 punch for both!

Low Side Plank with dropped inner knee. Draw other knee in while keeping hips stable.

While keeping body stable, now kick that leg out and up (can go higher than hip). Bonus points: Always look like someone is tickling you.

You should feel your low, low abs working to stabalize hips. Hips are always stacked (think of fitting your body between two planes of glass - your booty can't be sticking out). The leg that is drawn in and kicked out will feel the burn on the hip abductor (side glutes + higher).

Repeat 12 times each side, 3 sets.

What's your go-to injury protection?



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