I reject the standard definition of spring… sunshine and song birds. Because we know too much, right? As runners, you and I, we see the season for what it is: high highs, but then low lows; ups, downs, warmth – and then frigid cold. Like a rampaging goddess, spring hurls all her powers at us. She brings light and beauty, but like a petulant teenager, also flashes of anger, sudden bursts, and quick rebukes – reminding us we’re still small, still at her mercy (and not yet out of winter).

My favorite trends embrace the beautiful chaos of spring. Bold, bright, contradictory, effusive, dangerous. I hope you enjoy everything we’ve been working on since last year. As always, it is a labor of love…for great product, for athletic women – and yes, for saucy spring!

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I know it to be true, that fortune favors the bold. This season, it's not in a "more is more" kind of way. The best of 2016 is about patterns that are strong and undeniable, but not busy or frilly. For us, our custom "molecular" and "geo bloom" prints lead the way -- giving class without clutter. And all beautifully "roller printed" on our Plya™ Compression fabric that holds and supports while throwing off the blood, sweat and tears of any hard run or workout. (Check out KC Knickers, KC Tights, Gifted Verrazano Bra, Hi Ten Bra, Endorphin ¾ Long Sleeve)


Fancy Stride Shorts, Gifted Verrazano Bra, KC Knickers

Balance is everything, and color is a prime example of how a palette can be greater than the sum of its parts. Our 2016 palette features bright, modern primaries - like Rio Red and Podium Blue, and beautiful, glowing Shine. But there are no Crayola boxes here. The art of wearing today’s primaries is to pair it with complementary colors, such as pastels that up the ante. Think Rio Red + Bloom. Podium Blue + Mineral. Or Shine + Shell. This kind of color math is infinite and fun even if, like me, you revert to a day of all black/charcoal. (Check out KC Knickers in Rio Red + Verra Bra in Bloom)


New Verra Bra, Distance Shorts, Henley Tank

Spring is for opening the windows and letting in the light. One of our newest fabrics, Plya Veil is the seasons's coolest player. Like a fine, featherweight mesh, it provides breathability for the workout, but also a beautiful sheerness to layering over sports bras and giving a glimpse of muscle and tone. We also have the Distance Shorts in an all new holepunch woven that is incredibly lightweight, but holds its form for the long haul (Check out: Pleat Tank, Third Eye Tank, Mio Mesh, Runway Bra, Hole Punch Distance Shorts, Holepunch Lux Sweatshirt).


Window Short Sleeve, Mio Mesh Tank, Drop Top Mesh 

Think of these as the design lines of your movement. Like a fairing off the sports car of your body. They provide texture and pattern in 3D... whether that's the best-selling Aero Tights/Knicker or the new Pleat Tank or Pleat Shimmel. It's the opportunity for the beauty of our fabrics to tell their own story with a type of construction that has become signature to Oiselle. (Check out Pleat Tank, Aero Tights, Aero Capri, Portman Pants, Portman Shorts)


Pleat Tights, Aero Tights, Pleat Tank

Wool in the Spring! Wool in the Summer! Wool all year round. New this season: our beloved Wazzie Wool now a lighter weight. The difference is in both the overall weight (175 g/sqm vs. 200 g/sqm regular Wazzie Wool) and less spandex (3.9% spandex vs. 7.4%) which makes it ideal for temperate weather. This lightweight version retains everything we love about Wazzie... naturally anti-stink, and the ability move moisture/keep you dry, and perhaps best of all (like all Wazzie Wool) washer and dryer friendly! (Check out new Wazzie Wool styles: Wazzie Wool Raglan, Wazzie Wool Tank, Wazzie Wool Easy Tank)


Wazzie Wool Raglan Short Sleeve, Jane John Leggings, Wazzie Wool Tank


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