It’s hard to improve on a winner. Our Lux fabric has been in the line for years - and it never disappoints. The softness is legend, matched only by its durability and beautiful, rich color. And yet, like a fabric language we’re just now becoming fluent in, Lux evolves - with new possibilities. This season, we're thrilled to introduce updates to our Lux Collection that will keep you flying all season.


lux_flow_tights_0.pngLEFT: Lux 3/4 Flow Tights in Black/Black, RIGHT: Lux 3/4 Flow Tights in Curfew/Smoke

New this season: adding weights! We now have “Classic” and “Heavyweight” Lux. The classic is exactly that: the Lux you know and love, ready to run, sweat, hike, work, rest, sleep; its range is infinite. But we’ve also added Heavyweight Lux, specifically for bottoms. The Lux 3/4 Flow Tights (which debuted Fall 2017 in a single color) are back, now in deeper, richer tones. It’s quite difficult to describe the feeling of putting on the Lux 3/4 Tights in the Heavyweight Lux. Like a hug, like an embrace, like love…I’ll stop there. Just know it’s the intersection of support + soft that eludes a description.



But what might be most exciting this season is the new color! We’re thrilled to introduce you to the new Lux Double-Dyes. These are Lux colors in not one, but two selected hues. So rather than always heathering to white, double-dyes are exactly as they sound: the mixing of two colors within the same mélange fabric. My personal favorite is this season’s “Black/Black.” It might look like a solid, but up close, you’ll discover its tonal beauty. It’s a dark, onyx black mixed with almost black, giving it richness and depth like nothing I’ve seen in Lux before.

lux_and_friends_lineup.pngLux Funnel Neck in Heather Cosmos, Lux Short Sleeve in Curfew/Smoke, Lux Short Sleeve in Blaze/Curfew

Another beaut is "Blaze/Curfew." A study in contrasts - with hot red and cool blue combining to create a rich blue-red-violet heather. Again, very deep. “Curfew/Smoke” is also an instant classic, with its sapphire brilliance. And when you’re looking for a soft, wintry blue, check out "Heather Cosmos." Paired with any dark, it brings light and energy.


lux_bralette.pngLEFT: Lux Bralette in Heather Comsos, RIGHT: Lux bralette in Heather Cosmos and Black/Black

While the Lux Funnel Neck is a personal fave, the one Lux style I’m freaking out over this season is the new Lux Bralette. I know. We’ve taken a few runs at Lux bralettes in the past, but this is the one. Yes, it starts with Lux (two layers, one next to skin, one outward), and then it gets better with convertible straps (crossed or straight), but in my opinion, its best quality is the chest band elastic which is so plush and so soft and stretchy, it’s truly a bra I forget is there (the ultimate goal). For low impact, cups A-C, I can’t recommend this one enough!

So there you go. Lux redux. A fabric we can’t, won’t ever let go - in new variations we hope you love as much as we do!



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