Catherine Lepage Catherine Lepage for Oiselle

Limited Edition Tees in Celebration of Title IX

We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Title IX with limited edition t-shirts by talented women designers. Catherine is our second featured guest designed on the Title IX project.

Catherine Lepage is from Quebec City, lives in Montreal, loves to create images, studied graphic design in Quebec and then illustration in Strasbourg - France, worked for several years as an art director in a big firm, and now works at home for fabulous clients.

Catherine's design is entitled 'go girl'. Catherine explains that the little girl is a symbol of the possibilities Title IX gave girls. "In the 50's - 60's, girls were expected to play with dolls, wear dresses, have perfect hair. A perfect little girl was quiet and clean. So the design shows a vintage perfect little girl, and the sports icons overprinted on her are the new possibilities that title 9 offers her."

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'Go Girl' by Catherine Lepage for Oiselle

'Podium' by Catherine Lepage for Oiselle

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