Kristin Metcalf

While spending some time over the holidays to reflect on the last year, one of the blessings that I took away from all of the incredible events of 2013 was my overwhelming gratitude for the women runners who inspire us daily. We have so many talented and passionate women on our racing teams. One such runner is not only a committed runner and member of her community, she has also been a dedicated Oiselle team member for over 4 years. She has grown with our company and is an integral part of our run family. Enjoy getting to know Rebecca just a bit more!


Kristin: How long have you been running for Oiselle?
Rebecca: I have been running for Oiselle for 4 years.

When did you first start running? 
I ran on and off in my twenties but started running and racing consistently after I had my second child, Sophie or the ‘Sophinator’ as we like to call her. So, 6 years ago. 

What is your fondest running or racing memory?   
I can't pick just one! My top three are: completing my first 5k, completing my first 18 mile training run and finishing the Cape Cod Marathon, my first full marathon.

What does a typical day look like in the life of Rebecca?
A typical day starts with getting the kids, Noah 8 and Sophie 6, dressed, fed and to bus on time. Some mornings this is a major accomplishment! Then I either head out for a run down to the beach, on some trails or down the Cape Cod Rail Trail. Then I am off to work at Bayside Runner. At Bayside I work the sales floor, do some social media marketing and help out with apparel buying for both stores: located in Plymouth and Yarmouth - locally owned and operated! Then it's home again to catch the school bus, play with Noah and Sophia, have dinner with my family and chat about everyone's days, put the kids to bed and then watch some tv with John. Not super exciting I know but it's a good life!


How do you share your love of Oiselle in your community?  
I get to sell Oiselle at Bayside Runner and of course I wear my singlet and gear at all the local races, which means I get to wear Oiselle pretty much all the time! Oiselle also sponsored a couple of our women's 1/2 marathon training group runs at the store.

Do you run with a group or solo? 
Every Thursday night I run with Bayside's group run crew. One morning a week I meet my buddy Jess for a run and the rest of the week I run solo.


What is your next goal race or what are you most looking forward to with your running in the next six months? 
Next up is the Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 25k, then the Hyannis Half Marathon which I have run three times.  A PR on that course would be nice!  After that it's Ragnar Cape Cod with some of my Volée teammates. Oh and Oiselle Team Summer Run Camp in Bend!!

Tell us about what a perfect day looks like to you?
Some combination of a long run, a few hours at the beach with my kids and dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant with my husband.


What is your favorite Oiselle item?
Again, I can't pick just one! My top 5: Diamond Rogas, Fleece Runfinity scarf, Lux Layer long sleeve, Trials Hoodie and my collection of Oiselle Tees. I love them all equally! Wait, I forgot my Time Out Sweatpants and my Stripey long sleeves!

What do you see as the best part of being a part of the Oiselle community of runners?
Rebecca: Never-ending inspiration from all of my teammates and everyone at HQ; a seriously amazing group of women and athletes.