Lucky numbers are a funny thing. My husband has his tattooed on his leg. My boys are super dedicated to the soccer numbers they rep on their jerseys. My favorite number has always been 13, simply because it’s my birthdate, and because others may see it as unlucky, it makes it that much more special to me.

Here’s a list of 13 fun/lucky/favorite things in my life to celebrate this Friday the 13th!

1. Seattle! Run this way and see water. Run that way and see the mountains. Or run over there and spot a boat with your name on it – say what? Yeah, that happened last summer – lucky me!
2. Once upon a time, in September of 2016, when I was patiently waiting to find out if my BQ time was enough to make it into Boston, a notification popped up on Facebook that said “those who ran 2 minutes, 9 seconds or faster than their age and gender qualifying times were accepted into next April’s race”…. ummm, that was EXACTLY my time. Seriously, who does that happen to? Talk about lucky!
3. The BOSTON Tee! I wanted to celebrate this historical race so I asked Sally if I could design a tee – she said yes! J
4. Is there such thing as lucky sweats… maybe if you wear them ALL. THE. TIME. I’m a “walk in the door, go straight to my room, change into my sweats” kinda gal. So when Sally and the design time showed us the Kara Collection, I said “Oh yeah, come to mama.”
5. Who has two thumbs and gets to combine two things she loves and make a career of it? I do! I do! Running + graphic design = so many awesome projects – like a booklet that talks about boobs and how important a sports bra is for young girls. Yeah, that’s super cool!
6. Roga Shorts, Roga Dress, Summer Rogas – I love all the Rogas!!!
7. Lucky Charms cereal – yep, it really is my kid-at-heart, favorite guilty pleasure cereal.
8. My run bestie! Two Jenn’s who often get mistaken as sisters, or mistaken for each other… running brought our friendship together and we keep eachother motivated!  
9. SPANDOS! Is it weird that I want strangers to feel my legs when I’m wearing these bad boys? The softness, the personality –for the run or the rumble, I love me some Spandos, especially Fightin Floral!
10. Running, running, and more running. How lucky am I that this #runlove has brought so many cool new places, adventures, and people into my life… I hope this luck never runs out!
11. Oiselle! I’m lucky to work with such amazing peeps that are dedicated to working so hard on so many different things to bring together so many different women… it’s a pretty special place!
12. A family that does crazy things together, stays together. Is that how the saying goes? Lucky to have my support crew always by my side.
13.(1) The hubby and I got our besties into running so we started to plan mini getaways around races, our last being the Monterey Bay Half Marathon, a gorgeous course! Travel to new places, run a race, eat amazing food, check out the sites, throw in some shenanigans… all with our besties… I’m one lucky girl! 


What are your lucky 13 things?


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