2013 off with a bang! Yep, I even wore a leather dress and performed "Have A Drink On Me." But I've heard your prayers, and I promise not to sing in public again until 2020 at which time I'll wear a black leather track suit, K-Swiss shoes...and hopefully me n' Kristen Wiig will do the worm.

Until then, here are my Top 10 Things To Expect from Oiselle in #Lucky13
1. DELICIOIUS FABRICS. New, proprietary, unbelievably soft. Performance fabrics that double as something you want to wear in your real life is our obsession.
2. SUPERFAN INSANITY. We're working on a calendar of must-see running events for the year, giving you the scoop and the behind the scenes view of world class running. We'll be trackside at many of em y'all! Woot! 
3. MILES OF STYLES. 2013 will be our biggest year to date, with dozens of new styles launching both this Spring and Fall. Just a small fraction of what we have for you has come out already, so hang onto your knickers, good stuff ahead!
4. HATS, BAGS, AND GLOVES - OH MY! You've asked and we've heard! And the only reason we haven't done more acessories to date is simply because we didn't want to just "put a bird on it" and make boring, generic product. The good news: we've finally had the time to develop our own, from scratch, and you'll start seeing those this Spring.
5. SUPER BABIES. Two women in our family are having babies. Lauren Fleshman and Shanna Burnette. Not only that, but they have the SAME due date: June 7th. Needless to say, June will be a happy month in the nest.
6. OUTDOOR RETAILER. The mother of our all trade shows for the sport industry. We've shied away from it thus far, mostly because of its size, and the fact that were able to reach our ideal audience - run specialty shops - at The Running Event. But we feel the time is right, and we'll be headed out to Salt Lake City 7/31 - 8/3 for the big dance.
7. EMC. We're so thrilled to say we're continuing our partnership with Christy Turlington Burns and her charity Every Mother Counts. We have some new items coming out this year, including a Mother's Day Tee...for the mama runners out there, myself included. 
8. TITLE NINE. The Power of 9 T-Shirt collection from 2012 was a huge hit, and so Title Nine has asked to work with us again on a new collection for 2013. We have brand new styles, and new designers...we can't wait to share. You'll start seeing them in March.
9. SPORTS BRAS. An all-new line of Oiselle sports bras that cover the range of sporty needs...from A/B to B/C, and offer style and fun at the same time.
10. MORE "MADE IN USA." 60% of our line is now made in the USA and we're looking for ways to increase that, including a new line of bags that will not only be made in the USA, but right here in the Seattle area - in a soon-to-be-released partnership with a wonderful, local bag designer.

Below is a survey, our first time doing this, we'd be honored if you'd take a few minutes to tell us what you think:
As always if you have other feedback or want to expand on your answers, we love to hear from you!! Email
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January 08, 2013 — Allyson Ely

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