Sarah Mac


We are excited to release new styles on! At 9pm December 31st, four new styles went live along with the news that Lauren Fleshman has joined the Oiselle family. Well, due to some internet issues about 2.5 products launched that night. But you can now shop the Go Long Tank, Winona Tank as well as two new French Fleece pieces: the Peacenik and Boatneck Sweatshirts. (Check out the new styles in Running Tops)

It's exciting to see the actual product land. After watching its journey from idea, to sketch, to prototype, back the drawing board, to samples, and now finally product ready to go out into the world. It's especially exciting not to be recieving it here. It's our third season not attempting to play the shipping game ourselves. The line wouldn't fit in the office anymore quite frankly we weren't that good at shipping. While I do miss writing personal notes with each order, it was a lot to be a big part of the shipping department while still wearing all the other hats I do here.

Anyway, recieiving the product and finally being able to share it will all of you is the best part of the whole process. This July we did a photoshoot with Kate Grace, our middle distance soon-to-be superstar and participant in the 2012 Olympic Trials 800 and 1500. When you're in a studio space pictures can get a little stale. Hands on hips and all that. So I'm always trying to think of ways to make things more visually interesting. The below two are my favorite fails.


giving a whole new meaning to pop a squat


the 'trust fall' portion of the photoshoot


finally realizing that more often than not, simple = better


And it isn't a photoshoot unless there were some super awkward Mac Moments. This photoshoot I'm proud to say I had less than normal, but here a few gems. Our photographer includes them in the final reel because she knows how hard they make us laugh.


my fave: middle. getting super literal about showing you all the stellar tank asymmtrical cut corner

We will continue to launch new threads in the coming months, including a running pant, more tanks, a riff on the classic Oiselle Trials hoodie and more! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or join Oiselle mailing list to be the first to know about new styles and past season sales!