We’ve all been there… skeptically looking out the window, repeatedly refreshing the weather app on your phone, and then staring at your closet, hoping to find answers. When it comes to dressing for the occasion… we go straight to the guru and ask our favorite question: what would Kara wear?

Sally catches up with Kara Goucher on her go-to-layers for the season.


SALLY: So do you consider yourself a hot, cold or in-between person?

KARA: I think I'm regular/cold. But when I'm running I get hot. I heat up quick. But I hate cold muscles so I'd rather be slightly over dressed than underdressed.

S: Do you consider yourself a heavy sweater?

K: I've definitely trained with people who sweat more than me, but I get a pretty heavy sweat on.

S: When you say slightly overdressed, does that mean a long sleeve over a tank? Or jacket?

K: I'll wear tights or long socks when my teammates are in short shorts. And I'll wear mittens or gloves while I'm in a tank top. I'm not a huge jacket person - I'm more tank, long sleeve, vest. I need my arms to move and as long as the core is warm, I'm good. Obviously on cold winter days I wear a jacket. But I am a big hat/mitten person.


S: What temp is cold enough for a jacket?

K: I'd probably go hat/vest down to about 30°/35°. Then jacket goes on. I'll warmup for a workout in a jacket but a full run in a jacket - it's got to be pretty cold. 

S: What's your fave Oiselle long sleeve for winter running?

K: I really like wazzie wool because it is really warm without being bulky or heavy. And I really like lux too. 


S: Is that 30°/35°same for shorts to tights? 

K: Hmm. Depends on what I'm doing. If it's an easy run I'm going tights at 40°/45°. But a hard session, is probably go shorts and long socks under tights so that I can peel down if I get hot. I like my armpits and knees to feel free when I'm running hard- but I seriously hate hate hate cold quads. I do hard sessions in capris a lot.

S: Prefer gloves or mittens?

K: Mittens. I've always had a hard time keeping my long fingers warm. So mittens all the way!


S: So what do you wear if it's 40° and raining?

K: If it's an easy run I'd go hat with bill, light gloves or mittens, lux short sleeve or flyte long sleeve and vim jacket or vigor vest. If it's a harder run I'd go flyte long sleeve, vim or vigor vest, run hat with bill, lux gloves. Is that weird that I know exactly what I want?


No Kara… it’s not weird… it’s wonderful.

Now grab your mittens and get out there!