Haute Volée, Lauren Penney is racing the 3K at adidas Grand Prix this Saturday, June 14th! As one of the finest outdoor track and field meets in the world, it is bound to be fast and fierce as these talented athletes gear up for 2014 USA Outdoor T&F Championships at the end of June. Read on to see Lauren's racing success thus far, how she's feeling in her training and her goals for this weekend's big meet! 


Photo Credit: Red Hook Criterium

Are you feeling strong in your training? You are flying so far this season! 
Thank you! Training has been great. It's been a lot of hard work, and I'm feeling very strong.

What excites you most about your first time racing at adidas Grand Prix?
The opportunity to experience racing on such a huge stage. When I reflected on my race at Millrose this winter, I recognized that I need to work on not being intimidated by my surroundings. 

Coming off of the John Hays meet and your race there, how would you like to improve upon your 1500m strategy?
My time at John Hays wasn’t that great, but it improved my confidence in my racing ability. The race went out slow, but I waited and responded well with a last lap when the move was made, which is what I will need to be able to do in any championship type race. I would like to eventually improve upon my 1500m PR, though at this point in the season I'm not sure when my next opportunity to go for it will be.

How do you anticipate the race will go? It’ll be an awesome high profile meet!
Fast from the gun, and a great opportunity to run a speedy outdoor 3k. I know there will be many incredible women in the race looking to run great times.

Do you see this as an opportunity to qualify for USA’s in the 1500m? (A Standard 4:13)
I have already qualified for USA's in the 1500 from my indoor mile (4:31.3) and my 1500 at Oxy (4:12.77). I don't believe I will be running another 1500 before USA's. I'm hoping my 15:30 holds up in the 5k.


Who else are you excited to see race?
I think the Jenny Simpson/Mary Cain match up in the 1500 is going to be really awesome to watch.

Any weird pre-race rituals your fans should know about?
I don't think I do anything too weird, just routine. Shake out when I wake up, shower about an hour before heading to the track, and a coffee.

If you could compete in any other track event other than running, which would you choose?
Pole vault. They're so strong from head-to-toe and I would feel like such a badass.

Where will we find you competing after adidas Grand Prix? 
USA Championships!

Favorite TV show? Parks and Rec
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
Caffeine or decaf? Caffeine
Eggs or oatmeal? Oatmeal
Long run or speed workout? Speed workout
Katy Perry or Gwen Stefani? KP's Dark Horse, anything else Gwen

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