May 5th. Cinco de Mayo. And an O-style party at Oiselle Store! It's all happening this Saturday from 10am - 3pm. Internally, we've been calling it Roll Mamacita. 

Moms, margaritas, Mexican history. There's no one better to help you learn (and be entertained) than our very own Brenda... Chief Good Vibes Generator, Oiselle Store and community leader, always living life to the fullest, funnest, and most fabulous. Without further ado, Brenda breaks it down!

Although Tenacious Ten and Nee Day have passed, don't take off your party sombreros just yet!! We got another fun store event around the corner...Roll Mama babies! Well this year it's gonna be Roll Mamacita. A fun play on Cinco de Mayo, but first a quick history lesson. 

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day. I repeat. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day. Mexico's Independence Day is actually on September 16th (which is a HUGE deal in Mexico). That's the day Mexico said no mas to more than 300 years of very naughty Spanish rule. 

Cinco de Mayo is a whole other business. Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates the Battle of Puebla. A battle where the Mexican army in Puebla was outnumbered by Napoleons' French army and won. It's part of the Franco-Mexican war, back in the days when Napoleon wanted to learn Español and carve out a little piece of Mexico for himself. The Mexicans basically said, non merci (no thanks, no gracias) and gave the French la botte (the boot). Well it took some time, but you get the gist. So there you have it friends. A super abbreviated mini chapter of Mexican history on two days that people often mistake.

Cinco de Mayo is actually not that big of deal in Mexico and instead has morphed into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage in the US. What's not to like about that? But enough of the history lesson. Who's ready for margaritas and an afternoon of fun? Since Roll Mama falls on both Cinco de Mayo and Opening Day in Seattle, we're gonna celebrate a la Pacific Northwest Style

You still with me people? Focus. Focus, all the good stuff is right below. Keep reading. 

This year we're gonna celebrate all our hard working Mamacitas by throwing a Cinco de Mayo Rowing Fiesta!! We're gonna row, cheer, eat, drink and raise money for Bras for Girls. Who's in?! I hope you all raised your hands. Guys!!! Did I mention that we're gonna have Mexican themed food and drinks for all and prizes for the team that rows the most meters. Another event exclusive item will be our new customized Oiselle Goodr glasses, these will go fast some make sure to come grab yours!

Here's what you need to know and do for this year's Roll Mama:

What: Roll Mamacita
When: Saturday May 5th
Where: Oiselle Flagship Store
Time: 10am-3pm
Cost: Free and open to all

Yes there will be an actual rowing machine in the store, and the teams competing will be Oiselle HQ (aka The Nest), Store Staff (Flagship Team), and team TNFC. Door prizes and raffles will be taking place throughout the event!

Last but not least, our Roll Mamacita event is open to all!! So save the date and see you there. 



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