This morning I arrived at Oiselle HQ to find Jacquelyn bouncing around with news that Jamie Lee Curtis was on the Today Show wearing a Oiselle tee! We pulled the interview up on the computer and watched. Sure enough the Big Run tee appears on the one and only Jamie Lee Curtis as she recounts the experience of her first 5k. Squealing ensued. Jamie Lee Curtis is wearing Oiselle! And just … what?! Jamie Lee Curtis and I totally own the same shirt.

I synced it up to where she talks about her 5k goal/accomplishment below:

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The entire interview is interesting and inspiring. You can view it here. Jamie Lee Curtis was being interviewed to talk about the release of her latest children's book "My Brave Year of Firsts". She wrote it because it struck here while parents ask their children to take risks, try new things and explore we as adults are often, hypocritically, static in our ways. The foods we eat, the route we drive, the things we can and can't do.

One thing Jamie Lee Curtis realized she’d never done was run a mile. So she signed up for a 5k and trained. She showed up alone in a crowd of thousands and accomplished her goal (decked out in the Oiselle Big Run Tee). Sounds like the start of so many runners’ stories. Which is perhaps why we see more and more people joining the running movement. It’s something challenging and new, something exciting and empowering and really when it boils down to it, it’s easy to start. Get shoes, map a route and go. You just have to say yes to the challenge and that’s the hard part.

I really identified with her message of ‘never stop exploring’. Recently I’ve been struggling with complacency in my life. I find that all too often my days look just like each other. I sleep, eat, run, work, watch tv. I’ve dropped my reading, I’ve been lazy about making plans with friends, I don’t seek out the new around me. Some of that can be blamed on being tired from training, sure, but “new” is exhilarating. I know I can find energy in the doing. I can find life in curiosity.

As a new season draws closer, it’s the perfect time to set new goals, to challenge ourselves and explore. How about you? What goals do you have this fall? What new experieces will you seek?

September 04, 2012 — sarah

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