The Black Widow Collection has arrived! 

Inspired by the belief that women can be fierce, feminine, and fearless – Black Widow is a celebration of our community and a calling to embrace all the dimensions of your inner badass.

We sat down with Lauren Fleshman, whose personality and values continue to inspire our designs, brand, and vision. Currently navigating her own second chapter, we talked to Lauren about embracing all of yourself, including your inner-rebel.


Megan: Black Widow is about embracing different parts of your identity. What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Lauren: Passionate. Driven. Loyal. 

M: Have these three things ever existed in conflict with each other? How did you navigate that?

L: I'm all in on whatever and whoever is in front of me, which is how I love to live, and what feels natural to me. But the passion and drive I apply to the present can cause me to neglect the people and things that are not in my crosshairs, even those I'm most loyal to. It's something I'll always have to be mindful of.

M: How have these different shades of Lauren fueled each other? Inspired new directions?

L: They've kept me open to following my heart, which means for the most part I live very much "on purpose". And the loyalty I bring to the projects and people I'm passionate about drives me to not only see things through, but to get behind others' dreams with ferocious intention.


Black Widow Bra in Paisley Embossed Print 

M: Black widow is also a bit rebellious - just like you. What are you rebelling against these days, and why?

L: The color black has always made me feel more badass. I find I wear it when I don't want my clothes to distract from my mission. It reflects nothing back. I'm rebelling against issues like doping and corruption killing my sport. I'm rebelling against the current model where the majority of athletes scrape by while the IAAF and IOC make millions (or even billions) off their bold dreaming and lifelong dedication to performances that make those entities relevant. I'm rebelling against unfair contracts, where companies like Nike with the help of asleep-on-the-job agents, put athletes in positions to literally be required to work for free, with no option to leave.  


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M: You are famously multi-faceted, but focused and committed to all of your pursuits. What are your tips for cultivating a life with both depth and dimension?

L: I accept that I will drop the ball sometimes. That you can't have all your shit together all the time and still have room to be flexible to dive deeply into passionate work. At least I can't. I try to have grace with myself. I try to do the things that fire me up, that unsettle me if they aren't done. 




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