We are excited to introduce our next step up in compression and support, the gifted bras. Think of the gifted bras as a Oiselle compression level 2+. They are perfect for A - C and some Ds. But as you know, preferences in bra fit is as individual as the athlete, so we'll let you be the judge. As always, we rely on your input so we're constantly improving.



Bells and whistles of the new Gift Verrazano and Gifted Verra
- Extra wide, encased-elastic straps to reduce stress points
- Three-point adjustment system
- Higher cut for top-motion support
- Removable cups

Meet our wear testers and hear what they had to say about the Gifted Collection:

Business Owner: Running Evolution (Founder + Coach)


I loved the colors and patterns. The texture was very soft, which I don't find in structured bras. Also, the band was soft. I usually wear ribbed banded ones, and this is a nice change. I did like the hooks for adjusting, which made it sturdy and better than Velcro. I wore it for 5 miles and, for a bra with no hook and eye closure in the back, which I prefer, it was supportive. I also liked the high coverage on the chest.


Jump for joy bra selfie


Size note: I wear a 36D in other bras and ran in the size 8 Gifted Verra. Personally, I would size down in this bra for optimal fit and compression.

Oiselle Social Media + Content Strategist


Social Media Strategist AND Model

I raced the Carlsbad Half Marathon in the Gifted Verrazano Bra this weekend and it was a DREAM! The best part? I didn't even remember it was on. That's when you know you have your perfect fit bra. After testing out what tightness I wanted the straps to be for my warm up, I moved them up one notch and it was the perfect fit. I am a 32C and the size 4 Gifted Bra was ideal. The straps are thicker, with more elastic, than the original Verrazano Bra so I felt more supported. The coverage is higher along the outer sides and neckline to hold me in. And finally, the adjustability allowed me to fit the bra to my comfort level. For sure, this is my new training, racing, and indoor workout bra.


Race day ready

Oiselle Technical Designer
I wear tested the Gifted Verrazano Bra and I loved it! I wear a 36 C/D and ran in a size 8. I felt secure without that hard-to breathe, smothered feeling and I loved the option of being able to adjust the strap length. The one con is that it's not the easiest to adjust while wearing it, but once it's set, it feels amazing! Also, small side note (and a bit off topic), but it pairs perfectly with the Window Tights. Definitely my new go-to running outfit!