We're overjoyed to present this new style to you as it's been more than a year in the works. When we set out to create a running bra optimal for high impact up to a C cup we wanted to do right by you. We heard constantly that the bras made for a C+ cup were hard to pull on, chafed and were even harder to pull off after a sweaty workout. Even if the sweaty workout was just pulling the bra on in the fitting room.

First, we knew we wanted to make the bra super compressive without the boa constrictor tight feeling. But how? Seamless! Meet the Bra-Zen Bra. Its seamless composition gives the bra a breathe easy high compression with structure woven right in. It's also incredibly wicking and anti-stink. 


Secondly, when you're creating a bra you realize just how different everybody's bodies actually are. You are designing for D cup with a 32 band, an A with a 38 and everything in-between. To get a truly perfect fit you need to adjust! The Bra-Zen has an adjustable band with three bra hooks. But let's be serious we need even more customization than that! So the Bra-Zen also has convertible, adjustable straps. You can wear the straps crossed or straight at the perfect length for you. Hello, just right fit.


Finally, besides being incredibly compressive and customizable, the Bra-Zen Bra is made for comfort. Every detail is working hard so you can just run and not think about your bra. Wide and padded shoulders alleviate stress points. The seamless fabric is made to resist chafing and wick sweat.

At the end of the day we wanted this to be a bra you'd not only feel good in but also look great in too. So every feature was added with thought to how it would look. Features on point, stye on point. Even added a little constrast color punch with our feather graphic. 


We are so excited to share this bra with you and are happy to help you find your perfect fit. Tweet at us at @oiselle or email us at - we're ready to be your personal Bra-Zen shopper!


jacquelyn scofield