Got a road race coming up? Ever feel claustrophobic and bored, or anxious in the starting corral? Want to feel better for more of the race and not waste the first mile or two feeling stiff and creaky? I made this little 4 min routine to warm the body up while stuck in a crowded place. It’s adapted from the same exercises I used as a Pro runner, and the ones I coach Little Wing to use, inspired things I learned from Coach Jim Radcliffe. This very amateur video full of kid cameos due to it being the weekend Jesse was away and not having childcare, it was filmed by Christine Babcock and can be found in my IGTV channel. I think you just go to my profile. It’s also on YouTube, wide screen version, if you want the full view of Jude attempting all the exercises. 

I hope this helps people feel better when they are preparing for a hard effort. I hope this also gives you a routine that can help relax your mind before the effort, reducing anxiety, which is one of the best pro athlete hacks you can adopt. Finish this up with a power pose, standing tall with your hands on your hips and a couple deep breaths. Say a positive statement to yourself in this state of calm focus like “I’m ready” or “I belong here” or “go fast, take chances” or whatever else you need to (and deserve to) hear. Racing can be fun. Racing can feel good. A short routine that warms the body and calms the mind can help! 


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July 10, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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