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Hitting reset on cranky post-run hips just became a whole lot more manageable. It’s optimal to stretch when you’re still nice and warm immediately following your workout, and luckily it’s way easier to do this when it’s not frigid outside. Plus, when you stretch in a functional way, it only takes 5 minutes to help ease stiff hips and prevent booty lock. All you need a bench, ledge or railing…

#hitreset post-run with this trio of poses — hold each for 5–10 deep breaths before switching sides. Focus on where you feel the stretch happening while enjoying the vitamin D.


BENCH FIGURE 4 (above)

  1. Stand a few feet behind a bench.
  2. Holding onto the edge with your hands, cross your right ankle over your left knee as you bend your left knee to lower your hips.
  3. Make sure the knee of your standing leg is tracking forward over the ankle, rather than flopping in/out.
  4. Keep your spine long and hips level (try not to side bend) as you lean back.



  1. Stand close to a ledge of some kind that’s just below hip height.
  2. Lift your right leg and rotate your thigh from the hip so that you can rest your right shin horizontally across the surface, keeping the foot flexed — if that feels tough or hurts your knee, you’ll need to find a lower surface.
  3. Stand tall, keeping your hips level.



  1. Still facing your ledge, step back a couple feet.
  2. Step your right foot onto the ledge and bend your right knee deeply.
  3. Keep your spine long — your alignment should create a diagonal line from your heel that’s on the ground to your shoulders.
  4. Keep your hips level — think about dropping your right hip (of foot that’s on the ledge) down away from your right shoulder, this always helps.

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Photos by Claire Pepper

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