The Oiselle running wedding dress has been a topic of great interest. Whether people think it's crazy-cool or just crazy, you can't help but love it. We've made a custom dress for a bride in California. And this original dress has seen it's fair share of finish lines. From the NYC Marathon to last weekend's "Here Runs the Bride" put on by The Healthy Bride. Christi Masi is the owner of The Healthy Bride, offering bootcamps to Seattle brides getting in shape for the big day.

Here Runs the Bride looks like a lot of fun, sadly Sally and I were both out of town, but Rose rocked the dress and represented Oiselle. There was a champagne water stop (actually cider) and post race cupcakes from Cupcake Royale. If you are in Seattle and haven't had a Cupcake Royale treat, please stop reading this blog and go out and get one. Ahhhmazing.