Lesley Knickers
Capris are a no brainer. They are the perfect solution to "oh it's a little chilly but I want my legs free for this workout." The Lesley Knickers let you have all the fun of tights without covering up your entire leg. The waist doesn't ride up or down (a rare find in capris) and the satin material might make you feel your booty a few times on your run, just sayin. (Steph is also wearing the Suspension Shimmel)

New Lesley Tight
Run, coffee, repeat. I've stayed in these pants all day and never felt the post run cold that hits if you don't shower. The lining is so gentle and soft you can't even feel when you haven't shaved your legs for 2 weeks..oops. 

Pickybird Raglan
I'm partial to the Pickybird Raglan for a number of reasons. Of course it's half Picky Bars so the shirt is freaking science. Its fit is flattering yet comfy with its scoop neckline and soft cotton feel. Lounge around the house paired with sweats or throw it on over your Go Joggings and meet a friend for coffee.


Wazzie Wool Base Layer + Track Attack Pants
Do I even have to give a reason why Wazzie Wool is one of my top picks? I mean just order it, feel it, enough said. For reals, it's like hugging your best friend all day long. It layers well over t-shirts for cold temp running and under the Katron Vest making a serious fashion statement. My favorite look is the over kill burgen with Track Attack Pants + Katron Vest, seen here staying cozy before my 16 miler in 20 degrees.

Charcoal Joggings
These should be nicknamed "Casual Joggings." I love that you can finish a run in these, with no residual butt sweat, throw on some boots and a vest and boom you're dressed causally. This is exactly what I did when I had to rush to a Rock n Roll expo and speak on stage. 

Stride Short with Zip Pocket
5 months pregnant ran mile race - 5:45! Riley's mile PR. Don't ride up, don't ride down, can wear while growing a human and they grow with your expanding hips.


Katron Jacket
The obvious reason this is my favorite piece of gear is it's warmth factor. I live and train in Flagstaff where winter temps reach below zero so to have the Katron keep me warm without the bulk of a snow suit is a big plus. However the versatility in the styles makes my morning outfit choice tough. Hmm black, burgen... pullover, vest.. crap I'm late.

Suspension Shimmel
The suspension shimmel keeps everything in place when I hit the gym for my core and strength routine. It fits snug where you want, around the chest, shoulders, and back but loose over the abs so you're not showing some skin during planks. If you wanted to do that you would have worn just a sports bra!

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