Katron Jacket
In Bend, the winter "uniform" is a puff jacket in bright colors with evenly stacked padded lumps that look a bit too much like shiny sausage casings for my liking. But the Katron is like the rock and roll, motorcycle chick version of a puff jacket, and it looks damn good. Since it isn't bulky, it's ideal for running in 25 degrees or below. (Lauren is also wearing the Big O Hoodie)

Big O Hoodie
50% of my life is spent in a Big O hoodie, most of the time bra-less in my house. It's my PJ's. It's my architectural and artistic layering piece. It's my toss-on-after-a-workout-after-peeling-off-all-soggy-clothes item. It's soft and durable and covered daily with toddler boogers and food, and somehow washes up even softer. A really nice gift for a mama runner.

Go Joggings
I'm particularly biased when it comes to these because they were one of the first pieces I got to work with Sally on when I joined Oiselle. They are classic and subtle and don't pinch in anywhere. The placement of the seams are incredibly flattering, but it's hard to tell without seeing them on your own body. These are my favorite leggings hands down, and this season the fit is perfected even more. I straddle XS or S for pants, and in these I go XS. 


The Win Long Sleeve Top
"You look too pretty to run in that!" That's what my friend Jess says to me whenever I wear this top. And that's the CAN run in it, fast. It is my go to for 40-55 degree weather because it keeps you warm at the beginning but has enough mesh to keep you cool as you start to sweat. I love this in cream because it looks ridiculous with jeans and my black boots, in a good way. Like an ow ow way. (Lauren is also wearing the Go Joggings and Verrazano Bra)

Hayward Track Pants
Always in my gym bag, these pants are used constantly and rarely washed, but you can't tell. They can take a beating, stretch in every way possible, and fit perfectly. They are the layering piece I warm up in, or use to double up over tights on really cold days. Despite my best efforts I have been unable to rip them, stain them, or wear them out. They can do anything.


Chevrona Bra 
There aren't a lot of patterned bras out there that aren't uber girly, so when this (and the off-the-grid) came out I was super excited. It feels urban and somehow of-the-Earth at the same time. You know that sports bra you can't seem to get rid of even though you've worn it for 10 years and it's falling apart? That's this bra. Sorry sis, you'll never see it in my hand-me-down box. (I'll be gifting this one a lot this year.)

Cable Knit Arm Warmers
Takes the nerd out of arm warmers. Or maybe just replaces it with the cable knit sweater wearing variety. Either way, I'm all kinds of nerd so it's nice to have some style diversity. They stay up, they are really warm, and people are always like "whoa!" when they see me wearing them, which I don't hate. :) Ideal gift for my run buddies who are always under or over dressed, and can't seem to figure out the concept of transition pieces.

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