We asked The Nest, “What makes Oiselle, Oiselle?”


“Go fast, take chances.

The color orange.

A bazillion birds.

Breaking and remaking rules.

Girls to the front.

Design love.

Not waiting for permission.”


JENN HAROWICZ – Graphic Designer

“Creativity. Collaboration. Camaraderie. Dedication. Inspiration. Encouragement. Equality. Style. Strong. Risk. Run Love.”


HANNAH CALVERT – Marketing Associate  

“What makes Oiselle, Oiselle - is always having a Picky Bar or La Croix within reach.”


JESS BARNARD – Social Media Lead

"It's finding my runloves. Its going from fan, to model, to athlete, to Nester. It's dance parties on set. It's getting up on stage and singing a cover of "Hit Me Baby One More Time". It's breaking the rules when the rules need to be broken. It's woman-ing up." 


HEATHER STEPHENS – Volée Team Manager

“Oiselle is about people and relationships. It's about building things and saying YES, when NO feels easier. One big and beautiful love bird.”


DAVID COLBURN – Senior Accountant

“Being able to run any time during the day if you need to clear your head or wake up. Strangers cheering you on at races when you wear the singlet.”


MEGAN MURRAY – Marketing Director

“Oh it’s so simple, and so profound — the people. The amazing, inspiring, passionate, incredible people in our community. Proud to be a part of this sisterhood!”


SARAH LESKO – Corporate Development

1. The amazing people who work at the Nest

2. Our culture that embraces change as opportunity

3. "Oiselle Time" i.e. every 3 months is at least a year's worth of activities and shenanigans

4. The best parties!

5. Lauren Fleshman, Kara Goucher, Steph Bruce

6. The Volée - runfamily in every corner of the world

7. Living, breathing embodiment of "your vibe attracts your tribe"

8. We put "fartlek" on underwear

9. Running is in everything that we do

10. Sally Bergesen

Thank you for celebrating with us.


The Nest

Allyson Ely