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It's not a party until a close friend holds a toast - complete with embarassing stories, warm memories, and a big wish for the future. With that we present to you, Kara's toast to ten years! 

My fondest moment with Oiselle was when I officially became a member. Sally had flown out to Boulder to present me with my contract and to do a quick photoshoot so that when I was released from my former sponsor, we had images all ready to go. We were up in the foothills taking pictures and my husband called to say I had been officially released. Sally, Shanna Burnette, and I just hugged. We all started crying. I felt so free and excited about my future.


Funniest Memory

Oh my gosh, I laugh so hard when I’m with the O clan!! But probably one of the trips where I laughed the most was Boston 2014. I showed up with one crutch (I had a sacral stress fracture) and hobbled my way to the train, and then another, to get to Sally’s cousin’s house where we were staying. The house was awesome and the location was perfect, but when we all got in our little cots we couldn’t help but laugh at all the American Dolls staring down at us. I LOVE American Dolls so it was basically like being back in my childhood bedroom, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Another great moment was when I was in NYC for fashion week in 2014 and we had gone for a run in Central Park. I’m with Sally and Ashley Judd runs by wearing a Oiselle Winona tank. I basically lost my mind yelling at her, “you’re Ashley Judd and you’re wearing HER shirt!!” Ashley ran away petrified by the crazy woman yelling at her. Sally just stood there and laughed. I literally lost my mind after seeing a celeb wearing Oiselle.


My Favorite Style

Too many to mention! Faves include mini stride shorts, jogging tights, aero tights, anything lux and flyte!

Best Sally Moment

Remember please, that I came to Oiselle from a big company so I was used to car services, room service on trips, business class, etc. The first photoshoot that I did for Oiselle was for the very first bird swim collection. I hardly knew anyone at Oiselle, Sally included. We had rented a house in Palm Springs where we were going to be shooting but also staying. Sally was showing me around the house and then said, you will be in the master. I looked in and saw that it had a big bed and it’s own bathroom. I protested, “that’s Ok, I can share a room with someone.”  And Sally said, “yes, I’m in here too.” That first night I didn’t sleep a wink! I was so worried I’d roll over and hit her. I look back now and laugh so hard. It all went fine and it was fun, we were able to do a cool photoshoot on a budget that most companies would think was small. Needless to say, I have no problem sleeping with Sally now;)!


Wish for The Future

More women uniting!! I am so grateful for the community Oiselle has created and I hope that it just continues to grow and that people can feel it’s love and authenticity. And, I’m really excited about being given the chance to design for Oiselle this fall. I really hope everyone loves it so that design can become a part of my life!

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