It’s hard to put into words the feeling you get when you hit the perfect flow in your run. When you shift from nonstop watch glancing, route landmarking, and pining for your final destination, to fully surrendering to the movement. Your stride falls into a rhythmic cadence, finding a pace that feels like home, and your breath begins to steady, settling into the effort.

It’s a mix of lightness and power, peace and confidence, healing and harmony. We like to imagine it’s quite similar to the feeling of taking flight. Which is why at Oiselle we call this flow state - The Freedom of Flight. It’s a feeling we are always trying to embody, Through storytelling, through products that move effortlessly with you, and through elevating a community that has a shared love for freedom found on a run.

So heading into this summer season, with track races on deck and marathon training starting to build, we are kicking off our Freedom of Flight series. We want to know what emotions you feel when you hit your stride. What fuels your run? And what does freedom of flight mean to you? First on deck, our photoshoot models/athletes. Prior to the photoshoot we asked the athletes - we’re curious to know, as runners and as women, why do you run? And/or how does running make you feel?




athlete, artist, bunny mama


I used to run to release my rage, to unleash the ferocity of the predator and relish the joy of the hunt. I ran for admiration and to belong in a community built of restless warrior souls. I still run, but I run to access my joy. I run to connect with my own power and freedom, to come home to myself and to the rich natural world that exists outside of human construct. I run to reconnect with internal peace. I run to find new perspectives in the leaves along the trail that adapt to the passage of time. I run to come home to my breath and appreciate what my body is doing for me all day, even when I'm not conscious of its contributions. And sometimes, I run to breathe in community with others, and sync together in the liberating simplicity of one foot in front of the next.





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I like to think of myself as a Jill of all trades, and can usually pick up any activity really quick and excel in a short amount of time of practice.

Running is the one thing that just doesn’t come easily for me. And since it didn’t my initial thought was to say f* running, I don’t like it anyway!!! But way too many people close to me incorporate running in their lives …like alot. And I hate to admit that I started to feel left out. Not just from the runs but I also felt fomo of being admired almost, because I admired them. How could they possibly crush goals that seem unattainable to me? And I found the answer was just their consistency, dedication, and discipline.

Saying that to say running is my challenge for myself. The challenge to gain stamina, practice discipline, and accept needing more time and practice to accomplish something.

I surprise myself after every run and the joy I feel after each run never fades.





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I've been a runner for a long time, and I've realized that the feelings of flight don't only come when you're running your fastest on the track. The freedom running lets me feel can be found in peak fitness, where my stride feels effortless and powerful, but I'm continually delighted that the freedom running brings me can be found in so many places. I feel victorious when I power hike to the top of a hill and am rewarded with an incredible view. I feel vindicated when I nail a speed workout that I was hesitant about. I feel elated as I careen down hills. I feel wonder stopping to take a photo of a flower, or a creek, or a selfie with my smiling friends. I feel pride when I overcome challenges.

I love many aspects of running; pushing your own limits, connecting with a community, going fast and being rewarded with that rush, but I think what keeps me coming back is that running feeds my curiosity. Running is my outlet to be curious and explore the world around me, whether it is a beautiful mountain trail or my local sidewalk. Running connects me to people, and running with others, hearing their stories, and sharing experiences leaves me feeling inspired and refreshed. Running helps me see what I can do! Can I run faster today than I did yesterday? Can I go further? Even on the days that feel hard, can I practice gratitude and just enjoy moving under my own power? To me, running is magical because even the days that aren't perfect, that you don't feel weightless, they all add up to make the effortless days that much more special. With the hard days come the amazing days, where you can chat for miles with your friends, discover a path you've never seen before, and leave other worries behind for a while, where simply moving is enough. Navigating challenges, trying new things, and exploring are the parts of running that make me feel most free, brave, and proud. Running makes me feel like I have limitless potential because there is always room to grow.





health & wellness advocate, community builder, art enthusiast


Running is a space for me to reflect, recharge, and connect with friends. Running fills me up and makes me feel like I can get through this thing called “life”. Some days running is a challenge, but other days I feel free, empowered. When I run, I need to celebrate all the wins on the pavement, whether I’m solo or with my crew; no matter how big or how small.

"On the Pavement"

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resilience, growth, JOY,  

Space for life’s moments





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Running and the time I give and put into running, it is my way of honoring myself. Creating and giving myself the time and space to quiet down all the everyday life noises, to allow myself to feel and process whatever emotions my body and soul needs to feel. To allow myself to think, to overthink or indulge in thinking of nothing at all. Running reminds me that I am human, that I am strong and I can do hard things. Running grounds me, challenges me, breaks me, builds and rebuilds me, lifts me, gives me wings and helps my fly.





mother, marathoner, copywriter, coach


I recently had a doctor ask me why I kept running and training hard. He made sure to point out that am I a mom now, and left me with the incomplete sentence, “So unless you’re getting paid…” After my initial reaction to laugh in his face wore off I kept hearing his voice echo in the background of my thoughts in the days following. How could I have explained to him how running makes me feel? How could I have explained to him that I don’t get paid in money but that running has actually paid me a hundred times over? It pays me in moments of solitude, of growing in confidence and pride in not how my body looks but what it can do. It pays me in the practice of resiliency and learning to trust myself to overcome hard things. It pays me in being able to practice failure time and time again in low-consequence spaces, and then learn that I can come out on the other side. It pays me in deep friendships, miles shared with teammates, and big goals shared with coaches. Would he have understood the value of the time for myself to dive into my dreams, my fears, my shortcomings, my relationships, and trivial daily thoughts? Ultimately running gives me a safe space for expression and self-discovery. It makes me feel connected to myself and gives me confidence that bleeds into other areas of my life. Confidence in motherhood, in work, in relationships. I start to trust myself that I can put one foot in front of the other not just in running, but in everything. So even though I can’t say I run for money, I can wholeheartedly say I run for something worth value.




Join us in celebrating the Freedom of Flight throughout the summer and share what freedom of flight means to you. Every few weeks we will be sharing community responses on social media and through the blog. You know what we say, when the legs go fast the heart goes free!


Photo credit: Somer Kreisman // @somerrunner

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