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Fall. The season of cooler weather, turkey dinners and everything pumpkin! For many, it’s the time of year to curl up in leggings, enjoy our lattes and the cooler weather, but for the Nest, fall brings out a different side of us. As soon as the calendar turns over into October we become Fall Marathon Superfans! Many, many Volée and Haute Volée will be putting their summer training to the test and toeing the line at fall marathons across the country. The beauty of the marathon is that every single person running has a different story, a different goal and will run a very different race.

Superfan along with us as we follow four of our Volée teammates who are tackling 26.2 this fall!

Kelly Herron, Volée Member

Bank of America Chicago Marathon, October 8, 2017



In March, just three weeks after taking a self-defense class, my biggest running nightmare became a reality. Four miles into a 10-mile training run, I stopped to use a park restroom. A transient sex offender was hiding in a bathroom stall. He assaulted and attempted to rape me.

At the self-defense class, we were taught to “fight like a savage” and I did, screaming “NOT TODAY, MOTHERFUCKER!” at my attacker as I fought back, willing to die to escape the unthinkable. Every burpee I had ever done paid off when I was able to get on my feet and out the door, locking my assailant inside until police arrived.

Part of the reason I believe I survived is because of the confidence that was instilled in me from a young age from participating in sports. I found my voice on the softball field and learned to stand my ground and be aggressive. My mom, Nancy, and I are choosing to run the Chicago Marathon in support of Girls on the Run so that more girls can experience the empowerment and confidence found through athletics, regardless of their ability to pay.

As a former resident of Lincoln Park, I look forward to running through my favorite city with my favorite running buddy, my mom. We plan to enjoy the day and take in every moment of the experience, the energy of the crowd, and relish in the glory of earning our finisher’s medals.  We also look forward to throwing down at Chicago Oven Grinder and Pizza Company shortly thereafter! The start line is in sight and nothing is going to stop me from completing my first marathon. Not today.

Steph Bruce, Haute Volée

TSC New York City Marathon, November 5, 2017



I chose to run the New York City Marathon this fall because I feel like I have worked my way back post-partum to a great, strong point in my training and career. I feel ready to take on this iconic marathon. I have wanted to race the NYC Marathon ever since I became a marathoner. I know it's a tough course, so the plan has been to prepare, to get really fit and strong this fall, and see how that translates on race day. I don't necessarily have a time goal because it's New York – the conditions and weather can be unpredictable, but I'd like to beat some women that I'm not slated to beat on paper. I know what that will require in training and I'm doing my best to prepare for that this fall.

I have raced on the streets on New York many times in my career and the crowds and fans are just electric. I'll have a lot of my family out there so that will provide a ton of support and inspiration for me. I'm excited to be on that starting line in November and see what race day will bring.

Sarah Byron, Volée Member

Anthem Richmond Marathon, November 11, 2017



After a short-lived and somewhat mediocre college running career, I wanted to challenge myself by running a marathon. My first, in 2014, ended with a time of 3:55. Given that my goal had been to finish upright, I was shocked and excited! After that race, I learned what Boston was. I looked up my age group just out of curiosity, because I thought 3:55 was pretty darn good for a first timer! I quickly found out my age group had a qualifying time of 3:35. I wasn’t quite that fast...yet. But, I decided that it was possible for me to shave 20 minutes off of my marathon time if I really tried. So, I declared to myself, and to my boyfriend, that I was going to qualify for the Boston Marathon. 

So far, I have attempted to qualify 3 times. I know it’s possible and it’s a lot of fun working towards a tough goal. I just have to keep putting in the work to get better and then hope for a solid race day. My first attempt was at the Marine Corps Marathon in 2015, but I injured my knee during the race and ended up walk/running the entire race. I tried again at the Baltimore Marathon in 2016 and missed my BQ time by 96 seconds. My most recent attempt was at the Delaware Marathon this year where I started out way too fast and finished in 3:39. By the way, if anyone tells you that race is flat, they are lying. 

I’ve decided to run the Richmond Marathon as my fourth attempt to qualify. I have heard SO many great things about this race - it has great crowd support, ends on a downhill, it’s at the perfect time of year. I am SO excited for this race and even more excited to know that so many of my Volée teammates will be there racing and cowbelling!

Anna Weber, Haute Volée

California International Marathon, December 3, 2017



I’m Anna from Indiana and my lifetime goal is to run a marathon under 2:30. If I were to sum up my life in one sentence right now, that would be it. If you want to dive deeper, my name is Anna Weber and I am currently living and training in Indianapolis, trying to make a name for myself as a semi-professional runner. I’m racing the US Marathon Championships, which are being held at the California International Marathon on December 3rd.

I am not shy about my goals, and I believe in the unapologetic pursuit of those goals. In May of 2015, I took a leave of absence from grad school to focus solely on the marathon in my last attempt to run under the Olympic Trials “B” Standard of 2:43:00. I surpassed my expectations and ran 2:38:39. I know that topping that moment will be difficult, but I keep myself motivated by setting goals that require me to work harder, recover smarter, and dream bigger. 

For CIM, my “A” goal is sub-2:32:00, my “B” goal is sub- 2:35:00, and my “C” goal is sub-2:37:00, which is the “A” standard for the Olympic Trials. Meeting any of these goals would not only qualify me for the 2020 Olympic Trials, but also open more doors for me as a professional runner. Most importantly, running a PR would be the next step in achieving my lifetime goal of sub-2:30:00, which is an elusive barrier that only 39 women in the United States have ever surpassed.

To help me reach this goal, I took a step away from marathoning after the 2016 Olympic Trials to focus on my speed. I have competed across the US in distances ranging from 10k cross country to the half marathon, all with the big-picture goal of becoming a faster, stronger, and more competitive marathoner. I am excited to return to the marathon this winter and see the results from the last 18 months of training and competing far outside my comfort zone.

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