Fall Back In Love With Running

Feb 24, 2014

jacquelyn scofield

All runners have a little case of the crazies, am I right? Some are training balls to the wall 365 days out of the year, eating their oatmeal at 4am to fuel up for a long run or running that extra .2 miles to reach a full 6. You know the drill. Whether you find yourself on this run-spastic scale or not, I can guarantee you have had times in your running career where you finish training for a goal race, and nothing sounds sweeter than a one month break to get your body and mind back to neutral.


This is me. I love and live for those crazies but it’s been over two months since my last big race and I find myself in a period of transition. More like a big hole I’ve fallen into that’s begging me to hibernate from training.

If you feel stuck in the ditch with me, here are some tips that I’ve tried to rekindle the fire and fall back in love:

1. Stray from routine: Sometimes the best way to fall back in love is to breakup first. Test out strength exercises from online specialists (or my all time favorite, Pinterest boards) to do at home.

2. Strike while the pavements hot: There are times when I plan to run 4 miles, and I feel good to go 6. Your body knows its limits. If you’re running an easy 4 and want to keep going, do it.

3. Pick it up: Pick ups are the best way I’ve known to increase speed without the weight of calling it a “workout.” Try going for a short 4 miler, and on mile 3 pick up your pace for 15-20 seconds. You will feel accomplished, and your legs will thank you later.

Test these out and if you have other tips, tweet me at @jackelizabethk. I’d love to hear what works for you!



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