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As you wind down 2015 and (hopefully) embrace a little offseason chill time, take a few minutes to consider what you can let go of before diving into 2015. Maybe you’re still thinking about a race where you feel you underperformed, maybe it’s some unmet goal, maybe you’re just being too hard on yourself about something… what ever it is, acknowledge it and choose to let it go. Accompany that conscious mental release with a simple twist to help feel more spacious from the inside out — as if you’re literally wringing out anything that’s weighing you down. In doing so, you’ll free up more space to focus on and manifest what you want in the New Year.


  1. Sit with your legs extended in front of you and sit up tall — if that feels uncomfortable, sit on a pillow or a couple stacked books. The point is to make sure you’re not flopping forward.
  2. Bend your right leg, placing your right foot flat to the floor just inside of your left knee so that your right knee points up. Keep your left leg straight, foot flexed.
  3. Sit up as tall as you can (again, if it’s hard to sit tall, make sure you’re sitting on top of something) and gently twist toward your right, resting your left arm around your right leg, and your right hand just behind you for support — resist the urge to use your arms for more leverage, just let them rest there.
  4. Gently look over your right shoulder.
  5. Feel both of your butt cheeks level against the floor — the twist should be happening in your mid spine, so it should be easy to keep your lower body grounded.
  6. Inhale and sit up even taller… as you exhale completely you should feel your abs begin to engage — use that to gently twist a little more.
  7. Inhale: feel yourself grow taller… Exhale: release anything you no longer need as you continue to twist.
  8. Continue for 5–10 deep breaths…


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