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The impending offseason and holidays present an interesting challenge: Our bodies crave rest, yet end-of-year happenings require us to be “on.” The solution? Slow things down in your head. Taking a few minutes daily to meditate will help to “reset” your nervous system and facilitate some well-deserved healing, especially after your fall training. Plus, there’s nothing festive about being frazzled. Consciously setting your internal state will help you feel steady, regardless of what’s happening around you.


While first thing in the morning is optimal, keep it real and make it happen whenever it best fits into your schedule…

Ease Into the Offseason Meditation

  1. Set a timer for as much time as you’re able to spend — try starting with 5 minutes and add on a minute each day — so that you won’t wonder what time it is.
  2. Sit on a bolster or a couple pillows from your bed or couch so that your hips can relax and you can sit up tall. Or, lean into a wall or sit in a chair if that’s more comfy.
  3. Close your eyes begin to notice your breathing.
  4. Take a deep inhale… a slow exhale… continue to deepen your breathing.
  5. Once your breathing feels steady, notice how you’re sitting and allow your musculature to relax a bit more. Soften common tension spots like your belly, your jaw, and your forehead.
  6. Once your body feels more calm and steady, start to slow things down in your head.
  7. Take a deep inhale and pause/hold your breath for a moment as if you’re only able to hold one thought with that breath… then exhale slowly, letting it go. Again: deep inhale perhaps with a different thought… then exhale, letting it go and moving on to the next.
  8. Continue to more space between each one of your thoughts.
  9. When your timer goes off, breath naturally and take a final moment to notice how you feel.
  10. Smile, and choose for that feeling of ease to set the tone for the rest of your day.

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