You know Devon Yanko well: trail and ultra runner, cultivating badassery mile after mile. She is our inspiration when it comes to designing the most kickass trail gear out there. Like Devon and all trail runners will tell you, trail-ready gear is needy...we're not talking treadmill gear here. Styles that wick, breathe, handle the mud, the grit, and stand out for their durability and comfort while tearing through the wild. Because wild and free is where they're destined to be. 

We asked Devon for the top trail styles she's training in this spring...Because who better to ask then the 2015 Javelina Jundred 100-mile champ who's now going for Western States this June! Read on to find out her Spring 2016 favorites and find them all: Trail-Ready Styles.


Flyte Long Sleeve
I own them in multiple colors for many reasons, my favorite being for layering. I’ll wear it during early mornings before the sun comes up, and when the day heats up, tie it around my waist. It’s that light.

Hole Punch Distance Shorts
These shorts rule my world. They are lightweight and have a barely there feel that means I can maneuver on the trails without my shorts holding me back. These are my new favorite piece by far.

Mesh Cap
Yes, hats are small to begin with, but finding one that gets smaller and packable when the sun goes down is the key! When I'm running for 20+ miles at a time, I'll take the mesh cap off, fold it in half with its foldable brim, and wrap the bungee around for easier carrying. 


Stride Shorts
Speaking of pockets, the Stride Shorts are an oldie and a goodie, one of those Oiselle compression shorts that I’ve run in forever. Best feature: they do not ride up…I repeat, DO NOT ride up! Stash anything small in the front pocket for easy carrying and no bulk.

Aero Capris
These capris are my all-winter run love. They are heavy enough weight to get my legs warmed up on cool mornings, but cool enough for our mild winters. The detailing on them is incredibly flattering too.

Izumo Short Sleeve
Simple, beautiful, light weight for any long adventure or short trail jaunt. The Izumo holds its shape and handles the dirt, trails and mud like a champ. And the best part…it can go a few days without washing – no stink, no problem.


Third Eye Tank
Lightweight, wicking and stylish, can you beat that?? This tank is a favorite for warmer days. The mesh panels on the back keep me cool when the sun gets hot.

Portman Shorts
The pockets and simple detailing are what I love most about the new Portman Shorts. They fit amazing, look great and can help me stash my keys, phone and a few gels so I am adventure ready.

Seamless: Endorphin Shorts + Endorphin Tank + Flyte Shorts
Seamless can't be beat when you’re traveling through the trails, and the Endorphin Collection took seamless beauty to a new level. If my runs didn’t get the endorphins flowing, these shorts and tank would. I loved the Flyte Shorts when they first came out, and now with a fun geometric pattern, the Endorphin Shorts stole the show!


March 18, 2016 — jacquelyn scofield

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