Committing to the smallest actions to increase your flexibility, strength, and recovery could mean your next big PR in 2014. Today’s goal planning is dedicated to the physical training that will help shave off those extra marathon minutes. Below are the best quick-read tips from our resident yoga-expert/flexibility-guru, Erin at Jasyoga and Oiselle’s own health-strength-life master, Dr. Lesko. From quick 5 minute stretches to pregaming your winter warm up, use these to help guide your goal planning.

What action will you commit to making your running stronger? Whether your focus is on core strength, post run stretching, or strengthening your hammies, tell us on twitter @oiselle with the tag #begin! (Full contest rules and details at end of post)

10 minute warmup series:
 Before you leave on a chilly winter run, take a few minutes to warm up your muscles with these helpful moves from Jasyoga.
Booty strength for runners: Your glutes are the boss of your “push off” don’t let your booty get lazy! Try these moves.

Stretching for runners on a time budget: 
Quick stretching variations to wake up your body on a work break or in between errands.

Keep your running feet happy: 
Often overlooked, your feet need just as much love and attention! How to relieve sore feet.
Core Routine for Runners - The Dozen: 12 sequential core exercises designed for runners. Simple goal: aim to do the Dozen twice a week and build up.


The contest rules are simple:

1. Follow @oiselle
2. Every morning at 6am (PST) look for the #Begin question of the day
3. RT & answer 
4. We'll enter 3 tweeps at 6pm (PST) to be in the final drawing on Janurary 5th. 

Grand prize:
A half hour goal setting session via Skype with Lauren Fleshman! In addition, our winner will receive a “Lauren Fleshman is my Homeboy” tee shirt, spike bag, Shwings, Believe I Am training journal and Oiselle threads to get you started.  2014 won't know what hit it!


Be sure to follow @oiselle and the tag #begin on twitter to help you brainstorm goals with other runners for 2014!

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