You’ve raced your way through 2013, overcome training obstacles and are hungry to hit the ground running in 2014… now it’s time to #begin setting goals! Happy #begin challenge day 1. This challenge is about you and your training in the New Year and how you will set goals and see them through. First up is the mental component of training and racing. Tell us on twitter: what new mantra will motivate your training in 2014?

The rules are simple:
1. Follow @oiselle
2. Every morning at 6am (PST) look for the #Begin question of the day
3. RT & answer 
4. We'll enter 3 tweeps at 6pm (PST) to be in the final drawing on Janurary 5th. 

Grand prize:
A half hour goal setting session via Skype with Lauren Fleshman! In addition, our winner will receive a “Lauren Fleshman is my Homeboy” tee shirt, spike bag, Shwings, Believe I Am training journal and Oiselle threads to get you started.  2014 isn't going to know what hit it!

Today is all about the mental aspects of running, racing and goal setting. While you'll accomplish goals with your heart, you also need a strong mental game. 

Tips from the pros:
How zen yoda running master you will become: Kate Grace shares mental strategies during training, race day, and post race.
Pre-race When your goal race is 1-2 weeks away, it’s time to start thinking pre-race. Read on to see Kate Grace’s routine.
Bounce back from a bad race (like a badass): Lauren Fleshman advises to focus on your internal source of confidence.
Stay mentally confident in your race: To be mentally strong, “you can’t be attached to your past successes.” Expert insights on racing with confidence from Lauren Fleshman.

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