The first Oiselle shorts were an orange-red we call Oiselle Orange. In the early days, at marathon expos, I used to jokingly tell women that the color was a PR color, guaranteed to go fast (and take chances). Or was I joking…? (I ran my first sub-3 wearing Oiselle Orange Roga Shorts…)


This season, we’ve brought back Blaze – a lovely, energetic red. Blaze is one of the most vibrant reds we’ve worked with…I love it because it’s not a flat primary red; it jumps and flames, lighting the run on fire!


In color theory, red is associated with fire and warfare. It’s also associated with love and passion. Red can cause physical reactions, raising blood pressure and respiration rates. It’s been shown to enhance human metabolism too. In apparel design, red is a great color to embody power or passion. 

Red can also be associated with importance, like the red carpet at awards shows. In other countries, red has different associations. For example, in China, red is the color of prosperity and happiness.

But hot colors can be overwhelming, and so pairing them with a hue like pale blue, or our Tide, cools it off.


Blue often represents calmness and responsibility. Light blues can be refreshing and friendly. Dark blues are more strong and reliable. Blue is also associated with peace. 

Tide is intended to represent the sky above us, or the waters around us, infinite and peaceful. 


Blaze + Tide = the fiery passion of the run plus the cooling powers of hydration and relaxation. Race and recover. Run and rest.

This spring, we have an entire collection of designs in Blaze and Tide. Among my favorites are...


Blaze Roga Shorts plus Tide Flyout Tops (Tank or Mile One).


Or my current bra obsession, the Team Bra, Logo Tee in Red and new Wave Print Spandos.


Roga Collared Dress in Blaze over Wave Print Spandos.


Blaze too hot? Substitute Ember… the Flyout Short Sleeve in Tide plus Ember Go Joggings also look amazing.

Or go off script and make up your own color story…as always, it’s all about just getting out there. Just keep running!



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