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We see you out there… flying high through strong winds, cold rain, frigid wind, and frosty snow. So we’re bringing #OiselleDWDW back. You're tough. And we want your pics, tips, and tricks for surviving winter running.

What’s #OiselleDWDW? Dangerous women, dangerous weather - it’s our reminder that when the weather gets tough, so do we. So celebrate those gritty miles and hashtag your DWDW moments - we’ll share the best of the best!

And to keep everyone running in any climate or conditions, we’re giving our all-weather-flyers 25% off wool and outerwear with the Winter Wings Sale through 12/12. So weatherproof those wings, woman up, and get dangerous! We can’t wait to see where your wings take you this winter!

December 09, 2016 — jbarnard

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