by. Sara Bradley
Waterford, ME

A two-time Boston qualifier, Sara has been a Volée team member since 2013. When she's not putting in the miles, Sara can be found jumping fences as a competitive equestrian rider. Some of her post-race treats of choice include: pizza, beer, ice cream, bacon and peanut butter. Sara's athlete bio has the scoop.

How many times have you raced Boston? What excites you most this year?
This is my second time racing Boston and after the tragic events that unfolded last year I feel privileged to have made the cut again. As a New England-er, Boston is the ultimate goal for any marathon runner. After one of my first 5k's my Uncle Bill told me that he was waiting to see me run Boston- I genuinely scoffed, the idea of running that far was absurd! (but the seed had been planted.....) He must have known something that I didn't, because only a couple years later there I was, waving to my whole family as I ran down Boylston.


How have you been preparing? When will tapering begin?
We had a truly horrific winter in Maine (and still are) so training has been challenging. Luckily I step up to a challenge... (but really! the weather is awful!) I have been getting it done with the help of my treadmill (ugh), a few nice days for long runs, picky bars, a great coach and a dose of serious determination. My last long run is scheduled for April 6, so plenty of time to decompress with a fistful of donuts or similar.

Top goals you hope to acomplish? 
I'd like to improve on last years time, although I had a pretty solid race. I would also like to remember to liberally apply sunscreen as I forgot last year and burnt to a crisp. So in a nutshell, sub 3:30, no sunburn, preferably no chaffing and hopefully being able to enjoy the whole 26.2

Dream big here...if you were to pass any celebrity on the course, who would you want it to be?
When I first began to add serious mileage to my regimen a couple years ago, I listened to This American Life podcasts like they were going out of style. So honestly, Ira Glass. I might need to give the man a bike but I expect that he would regale me with amazing stories, which I would tremendously enjoy.


If you were to hear one cheer on the course from fans, what would you want it to be?! 
I can't eliminate any one member of my family because they are all amazing. Last year my Dad was at mile 18 of Boston and knowing he was there got me thru a tough first half. Then on the final stretch I could hear my sister, cousins, Aunts and Uncles screaming their heads off for me- which was incredible! Eric, my fiancé, was waiting for me at the finish (Well, he was not my fiancé then but was immediately after I finished last year!) My Mom was at work but she was the first person I called and she tracked me every step of the way. So, the whole family. My number one fans!

Post 26.2 will be a huge celebration! What is your ideal treat to celebrate?
After I chug a big bottle of lukewarm yellow Gatorade (and yes, that sounds nasty right now but post race it's like a little slice of heaven) I usually start screaming for a burger, pizza, candy and a place to sit down. Very clichéd. Very terrific. That's how I roll....

Rapid-Fire Round:
Nunn or water? Water
Winter or summer? SUMMER!
GU or Shot Blocks? Neither...
Coffee or tea? Coffee! 
Long run or track workout? Long run ftw
Buns or randies? Randies *gotta save the cute buns for when I reach the pinnacle of my middleaged running career* ;-) 

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