by. Kristine Burgess
Mundelein, IL

Kristine has been a Volée member since 2013 and is a two-time Boston competitor. She works as a physician assistant by day and her must-have piece of running gear are her sunglasses. Kristine hopes to run a sub-3 hour marathon. Visit her bio page to learn more about this fastie.


Is this your first time racing Boston? Tell us, why Boston?
This will be my second Boston Marathon. There are so many reasons I am running Boston this year:
1) The prestige of the race in general.
2) I feel I had a slightly altered experience at my first Boston last year due to its tragic events - I did get to finish but I did not have the chance to enjoy or celebrate much after the race.
3) I am racing in memory and support of those affected by last year's tragedy.
4) I have unfinished business with Heartbreak Hill - I was on 2:55 pace until mile 21 last year!
5) My husband and my Jenny Spangler Racing teammates will be running the race.
6) I need to break 3 hours in the marathon to finally cut my hair I have been growing out since my first marathon in 2011- my braided ponytail is 18+ inches!

How has this training cycle been different than the past?
This training cycle has been rough due to our horribly cold and snowy winter in the Chicago area this year! A lot of my speed work and tempos have been on the treadmill during the week. My long runs have been outside but the majority have been on snow-covered roads and in temperatures below 15 degrees. I have also been working closely with my physical therapist Robin for the past nine months to prep my body for this race and she has kept me in great shape!

We know you dream big! What are your goals for the race?
My goals for the Boston Marathon this year is to run a smart race (6:50/mi pace until after Heartbreak Hill) so I can break 3 hours.


If you could run with any celebrity in Boston who would it be and why?
I would love to run with my coach Jenny Spangler, or my new Oiselle teammate Kara Goucher!

Are you a master of the water stops or will you need practice?
I think I have the water stops down...grab cup, unintentionally soak volunteer, squeeze cup, drink, try not to choke on water, toss cup.


How do you fuel morning of, during, and after?
My pre-race dinner will be the “Green Goddess Bowl” at Life Alive in Cambridge - I ate there last year prior to the race. The morning of the race I will have the “Blueberry Cocao Pre-workout Performance Cereal” from Brendan Brazier's “Thrive Energy Cookbook” with almond milk and earl gray or green tea. Closer to race time I will have half of an “All-In Almond” Picky Bar before my warm-up and then “Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer” and the rest of my Picky Bar about 15 minutes before the start. During the race I will take “Vega Sport Endurance Gel” at approximately miles 6, 12, & 18. After the race I will have a “Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator” followed by lunch at Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge.

What cheer would you want to hear from your fans on the course?
My Jenny Spangler Racing teammate Kevin tells me I am a “Lady Hill Monster” so that would be encouraging to hear at the hilly portions of the race!

Since post marathon is all about celebration, what post race treat will you snatch up?
A vegan chocolate shake and dessert from Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge and a Samuel Adams 26.2 Brew!

Rapid-Fire Round
Nuun or water? Nuun would be preferred.
Winter or summer? Summer!!!
GU or Shot Blocks? Vegan gel (favorite is Vega brand).
Coffee or tea? Tea.
Long run or track workout? Track!
Buns or randies? Contemplating Buns for first time ever at Boston- Randies otherwise are the best!

April 07, 2014 — Atsuko Tamara

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