What happens when the O line has an embarrassment of riches? A veritable hit parade of great tights and bottoms...each one more beautiful than the one before? Tough choices! Tough choices on soft fabrics... and some inevitable match-ups. 

Ding. Ding. Ding! Below you’ll find our most common match-ups; the styles that on the surface might appear similar, and yet are distinguished by several key features. One thing’s for sure: they all pull their weight. And while some people say comparison is the thief of joy, not here my friend...only insights to help you decide. Because we guarantee that every Oiselle bottom is capable of helping you stride, run, and kick-punch your way through your goals.



In this corner, we have the always dominant “anything-made-of-Lux” champion: NEW LUX TRACK PANTS. She’s been throwing jabs against the cold for five years now and is a proven WINNER. Her mid-weight knit, always stretchy, and equally soft on both sides means you never have to choose between how they feel on your legs, or how they feel as you stroke your own legs. We knew Lux would be hard to beat, but if there’s one athlete who knows how to get to the podium, it’s Kara Goucher, so in the other corner we have the KARA PANTS! The woman doesn’t play when it comes to great styles. And whereas the Lux Track Pants are soft and sleek, Kara Pants bring not one (Pow!) but two (Bam! Bam!) super stylish side pockets. And though the Kara Pants have a smooth exterior and a fleecy interior, the smooth side won’t be outdone by Lux because the knit includes the always fabulous, sumptuously soft Lyocell fiber. This match up comes down to warmth and pockets! Kara gets the warmer more pocketed style, while Lux may be better in warmer climates, or if you always run hot like a hotty mchotterson.

Lux Track Pants:

  • Light to mid-weight fabric (not fleecy)
  • No pockets, but also no bulk
  • Roll-able waistband with soft Oiselle elastic
  • Brushed polyester/spandex knit in rich double-dye Lux

Kara Pants:

  • Mid-weight fleece, smooth exterior, light fleece interior
  • Two stylish side pockets
  • Feather arrow graphic at ankle
  • Soft Polartec™ Thermal Pro in spandex/lyocell/spandex



In one corner we have the world champion of orgasmically soft fabric - LUX. She’s wickedly soft, as we all know, but she also doesn’t rest on her laurels. Starting last year, she got back in the gym and has been bulking up BIG TIME so she could give us all...LUX FLOW TIGHTS. She brings Heavyweight Lux to the table which is basically the “more is more” of soft, stretchy support. More soft, more stretch, more Lux-y, ideal for putting her strong hands on your tired legs. Like her OG ancestor, the Lux Flow Tights, she has a mid-rise waistband that includes a small front pocket for your whatnots, and a 3/4 length that makes her popular with women of many heights. In the other corner, we have the new hot shot BIRD HUG TIGHTS. To join the O Team, she knew she had to bring it - with a little somethin’ Extra to keep us on our toes. Whaaaaat?! Reversibility. She jukes, she jives, she flips inside out - without ever losing her pocket, a big ole number centered right in the back.

Lux Flow Tights:

  • 3/4 Length
  • Amazing Heavyweight Lux
  • Small front zip pocket
  • Brushed polyester/spandex

Bird Hug Tights:

  • Full length tights
  • Larger center waistband pocket
  • Insanely soft stretch knit
  • Dual-knit polyester/spandex



In one corner, we have a tried and true favorite...POCKET JOGGER TIGHTS. She burst on the scene almost two years ago, but her path to success hasn’t been a straight line. She changed her fabric from Plya(r) to Nyelle(r) at the end of 2017 and the switcheroo left a few heads spinning. What’s she got going for her? Style! Those pin tucks are like the fairing to your She’s got the high waisted belt of a heavyweight champ and so many pockets, she never needs to leave the ring. Her opponent, O-MAZING 3/4 TIGHTS, might not have the same glitz and glamour, but she makes up for it with creativity. Her mid-rise waistband is more low profile, but no less fierce at packing all the pockets and PUNCH.

Pocket Jogger Tights:

  • Five pockets, including a zipper back center pocket!
  • Full length, 25” inseam
  • Design flair pin-tucking
  • Soft yet durable Nyelle™ nylon/spandex knit

O-Mazing 3/4 Tights:

  • 360 degree waistband pocket
  • Simple, no exterior leg seams
  • Also in Nyelle™!



In one corner there’s fire on fire with the FIRECRACKER 3/4 TIGHTS, and in the other corner, straight FIRE with the MAGIC NUMBER TIGHTS. Each lovely. Each burning bright with the desire to make your run more safe, more comfortable, more stylish. With its reflective print, Frecracker rains down a million kicks and jabs to the eyeballs of speeding cards, and keeps your phone or other goodies handy with side leg pockets. Magic Number, on the other hand, simply packs a HUGE punch in discrete areas, right where you need it most, and is as long as the night. Not to be outdone by Firecracker, Magic Number has a pocket that’s wide and deep and able to close with a zipper. And while side pockets are nice, the center back is where it’s at in terms of getting out of the way. Both of them fierce and fiery!

Firecracker 3/4 Tights:

  • Two side leg pockets
  • 100% reflective Onna Print
  • 3/4 length, 23” inseam
  • High waisted for the win!

Magic Number Tights:

  • Large center back zip pocket
  • Three large reflective panels
  • 25” full length tights
  • High waisted comfort!



In one corner, there’s the one, the only, the ready-to-dance-at-any-moment SPANDOS CAPRIS!!! She’s light, she’s stretchy, she’s a favorite because no matter where you are, she brings the party. Her mood lifting kicks are hard to beat, but in the other corner, we have a newcomer that’s wiley and quick in her own subtle way. She combines not one, but two, fabulous soft fabrics for a more discrete appearance that still brings joie de run. We’ll have to call this match up based on YOUR fabric reference...are you a Plya™ girl...the fabric of all Spandos; or do you go Nyelle™ and can’t-stop, won’t-stop with the brushed softness?

Kaleido-Go Tights:

  •  Soft jacquard insets and waistband - easy on the tummy!
  •  Full length tights, all that coverage
  •  The always-winning Nyelle™

Spandos Capris:

  •  Loud and proud sublimated prints!
  •  The name has “capri” but they’re actually 3/4 to full length
  •  Lightweight yet powerful Plya™ Compression is soft yet strong



In one corner, we have FLYOUT TIGHTS. In the other corner, we have the other color of FLYOUT TIGHTS. Because honestly, folks, these tights HAVE NO COMPETITION. She’s gonna knockout the cold no matter where you go. Frozen lake walk - bam! Sharp upper cut. Dark, sub-freezing 6 miler - pow! Another blow. Cowbelling for friends on a clear winter day - kaboom! She lands the punches again and again. Thick, stretchy Polartec™ fabric + comfy high waist + convenient pockets + stylish angled hem = all you need, this winter and many more.



In one corner we have the ultimate lightweight capri that has proven it can be the only pants you wear for 10 days straight and they still WIN: the STORY CAPRIS! She runs, she leaps, she easily goes from casual travel garb to an evening of spirits and spirited movement. Her fabric keeps her light on her toes, dancing around the ring, impossible to catch! In the other corner, we have the Fall newcomer who is thicker and more fitted, but with no less stretch. She lunges, she high kicks, she could run a cross country race if you need her to...and you might need her to.

Story Capris:

  • Ultra lightweight stretch woven
  • Two front pockets, front zipper
  • Loose and lovely
  • Wrinkle resistant!

Core Pencil Pants:

  • Mid-weight stretch woven
  • Ankle slit flair
  • Hidden side zipper
  • Flattering high waist (comes with matching jacket...The Core Jacket!)

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