What are our favorite gifts this season? Some of the HQ birds tell us what they're gifting this year. All bottoms are 20% off through 12/7 (and shipping free all holiday).



Runwear Pullover
For my awesome hair wrangler Angela. I wore this to my appointment and she "got" it right away: "It's like a fierce comfy layer that keeps your boobs warm." Bingo.
Flow tights
For my favorite HS runners. These basic black tights are the perfect all-winter runners. Cozy, comfy, and good for a bazillion wears. And they also work for just wearing around...all day, every day.

Jane John Leggings
For my mom and my sister. They are the functional underlayer for hiking, skiing, or layering around town when it's chilly. We are a big long johns, welcome Jane!  (And I'll throw in some unders too, because sisters and moms always need underwear!).

Forrest LS
For my sister in law. She has killer blue eyes and long arms, and I know she will look stunning in this shirt. And she loves digging outside landscaping, so she wants a functional shirt.




I’m gifting the Randies to my little cousin who runs track at Lehigh. These babies are #runnerd perfection. 
Moto Lesley Tights
I’m giving the Moto Lesley Tights to my stepmom. The first time I met her she rolled in on motorcycle wearing a black leather jacket. The Moto Lesley Tights will help her channel her inner biker badass when she hits the track.

Power Stretch Mittens
I’m giving the gift of a warm winter run to my best friend. After finishing many a long run with frozen fingers, I finally found a fix with the Power Stretch Mittens. The warm fleece interior is a furnace for your finger friends.




Power Stretch Mittens
Gifting to my girlfriend, runner and avid skier, because these gloves easily go from trails to the slopes. I've run in the many times this fall and for someone who gets icicle fingers, these gloves (with touchscreen capability) are a dream.

Moto Lesley Knickers
Can you say fleecy? The interior of these tights are out of this world when it's 47° and under. Gifting to my sister who can't get enough of that Satellite hue in her life.

OP Bra
This one is going to my mom! The perfect bra for winter with its high coverage in the front for extra armor against cold days.




Lux Gloves
Gifting to my run bud Lauren for her cold winter runs in Wisonsin or for under her ski mittens this winter as well. I absolutely love the feel of these gloves! I've been anxiously waiting Oiselle gloves.

Tracker Pants
Gifting to my good friend Melanie who wanted a pair of these the last time I saw her. They are so comfortable: light weight with great zipper pockets: great for running, walking the dog, and hiking as well.

Lux Scarf
Gifting to my mom. Who doesn't love this fabric and to have it cozied up to your neck all day? My mom is always cold during the Seattle rainy season, so what a great way to keep her cozy.