We are proud to say we have had another wonderful year at the Nest. We’ve shared wins from hosting our first race, to growing our run community, getting sports bras in the hands of young women, and stretching the boundaries of design. But it would be amiss to say that 2017 didn’t throw some shade our way… As Sally likes to say, “let’s share our highs and humble pies!”

So here it goes, our highs and a couple bonus humble pies…

"Landing an awesome job as Volée ringleader at Oiselle! And, launching the hub for all things Volée, The Arbori!" - STEPH WILLETT


"Wilder Running Retreat: I broke my toe the week before the retreat and couldn’t run at a running retreat, so I had to find peace with my body, which set me on a path to do the same internally. Much needed in a turbulent year!" - DAVID 

"The ever-growing community that Thursday Night Flight Club (TNFC) brings to Oiselle is always a high. After hosting our high school team nights this fall, we were approached by one of the coaches about having students join our weekly run at the store after the season had ended. I felt it was such a compliment to have young women want to be a part of our group on the regular. It really shows the inclusivity for all to join TNFC is working. No matter your speed, size of your clothes, if you run with a pup or with a stroller, young or old -- you are welcome to join. So proud of what Brenda and I have created and its evolution. Also, winning the University Village Halloween contest, so fun! and so proud!" - VALERIE


"Having Ally join us at the Nest on the Customer Care Team has been a true highlight of the year. Because of Ally, Oiselle delivers the best customer care - and we just love her! Another high was meeting Volée members out on the trails. To be able to recognize that you're teammates, and share that special bond instantly, is one of my most favorite thing about the Volée." - BETH


"Running the Boston Marathon!!! Qualifying for Boston in 2016 was so exciting, so the anticipation of finally getting to run this historic race was an awesome experience. Meeting and walking to the start line with fellow Volée members, seeing Lesko and Heather at Cowbell Corner, and my family at mile 22, made the day that much more special! A runner high that lasted a long time and still gives me chills of excitement when I reminisce." - JENNIFER 


"I love being a part of a team that shows up for each other - and knows how to do shenans as hard as they know how to hustle." ALLY

"Getting engaged and buying a house! Also, welcoming Libby to the team and turning responsibilities over to her capable hands. Bonus humble pie: Our orders from wholesale customers had a snafu that led us to redo everything for a week!" - MARYANN

"The people! The best thing about working at Oiselle is the people we get to work with every day! We welcomed several new people to The Nest this year, and meeting and getting to know the new HQ Nesters (Steph, Rachel, and Ally), plus getting to work more closely with people in new roles (Hannah, Kristina), has been wonderful. Another highlight was Muse Conference in Bend. What a fun weekend! Seeing Sally present in front of a room full of hundreds of women is always a treat. Combined with the road trip and Nest adventures (Smith Rock, team dinner at Picky Bars HQ) it was one of the best weekends of the year. By the end of the weekend, everyone was exclaiming (led by Beth McAlpine) – I LOVE Bend!" - KATIE 


"My top product related podium moment this year was the launch of our Flyout Collection. I'm a trail runner, so creating technical product made for running on trails and in the mountains was close to my heart. Our team did a great job of finding innovative fabrics and creating beautiful designs that perform and feel amazing on your body. I've run (and skate skied this winter!) in our Flyout styles in all weather and they've become my go-to Oiselle pieces." - STEPHANIE P

"We donated a collection of styles to people in Ukraine, who have lost their homes, belongings and in some cases, families. We helped an orphanage filled with teen age girls who were in need of functional apparel as they had lost everything. And, my rockin’ niece Emma! She graduated from high school and had her first grown up professional experience as an e-comm assistant, preparing photos for our site, supporting Volée operations, etc! Bonus humble pie: Surprise styles! Were a surprise hit, surprisingly popular, and in some cases, surprisingly repetitive (uh three same pants?) ...thank you customers, for your patience with us, as all we wanted to do was to surprise you with the best product at killer prices, and it came with a little um baggage...?" - ATSUKO

"Where do I start? Getting to photograph the Fall 17 line alongside two incredible photographers and an amazing crew of women in Friday Harbor, watching my two best friends kick ass at USA's, photographing both the Wilder Running Retreats and the Kara Goucher Podium Retreat. My favorite: shooting the Holiday 17 campaign! Bonus humble pie: Not paying enough attention to water intake at USA's (Sacramento summer heat) and coming back home to Seattle with a severe case of dehydration... oops." - JESS

"Going from the amazing Oiselle store, to an internship at the Nest, to graduating from college, and then to my full-time dream job was a clear win for 2017! Bonus humble pie: I forgot all the outerwear... to an outerwear photoshoot... on Mt. Rainier... Over two hours away..." - HANNAH


"My first great moment I’m really happy about in 2017 was training for, and completing, my first 50K the Chuckanut. Bird camp in Wisconsin was also great! Getting to know Volée team members better and experiencing the greatness that the team creates." - ALISOUNE 


"2017 was a big year of change for me. My oldest baby flying out of the nest and into college. I was prepared for thinking about how it would change her life, but hadn't focused as much on mine. Woah. My heart ached, tears on the pillow, everything. And yet, seeing her take hold, especially within her soccer team, led by a woman coach, has been mom bliss. It also reminded me to cherish the next four years, with the younger one still at home. It sounds cliché, but the beautiful imperfection of each day, year, everything! Bonus humble pie: there were parts of community building that perplexed me in 2017. I saw that one of the biggest fights for women's equality is often among women. At both conscious and unconscious levels (and I include myself in this), we have to unlearn what modern culture teaches us... to see each other first as foes, and only later as friends. As I look forward, I want some Wonder Woman-level duality, accepting girls and women for who they are, while also fighting hard for the tenets of feminism (equality for all women). As Emma McIlory, founder of Wildfang said to me once, 'I show up for people, and show up big.' Yes please." - SALLY SALLY.jpg

Thank you 2017 for teaching us through all the highs and humble pies. We welcome 2018 with lessons learned, experiences gained, and an uncontainable excitement!

Love This
Allyson Ely