When I rejected my skirt rejection. 


Every season is an opportunity to reject the old, bring on the new. The most notable one for me this season was finally letting go of my long standing belief -- that skirts and dresses have no place in running or athletics. I know, it was not right. And it's at odds with so many of you. And it's not even rational. 


I used to be anti running skirt/dress because I viewed them as frivolous. And they didn't look right in my runner's eye... like a tennis player had escaped onto the track. But after eight years of leading Oiselle, I realized I needed to reject my own viewpoint. All kinds of women seek all kinds of apparel solutions. And to some a skirt, a dress, and all their variations are incredibly empowering. Or simply comfortable, fun, flattering, however she might like it.


Perhaps even more relevant, was the fact that we were expanding our line in an exciting new directions. What we call the four R's... run, race, recover and rumble. The first three are those that we're most familiar with as athletes, but I do think the biggest opportunity lies within the rumble. Or, as we define it, street clothes that don't compromise in design and quality while still providing something that's body-positive and movement-enabling. I'm a lifelong shorts lover who's learned to love the skirt. And the dress. Not when I'm running y'all... this Roga Shorts girl won't change. But rejecting my own rigid view was the prelude to doing something new. 


Plus, hello: Devon Yanko podium finish at Western States 100 miler in the Roga Skirt.



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Allyson Ely