Hey O! 

This is it friends our last TNFC of 2017! We did it. You did it. Week after week, you showed up. You tried new routes and luckily no one got terribly lost (as far as I know). You muscled through some crazy yet memorable hills and had no reservations letting me know how you felt about said hills. Your candor made me feel right at home.

Throughout the year you all indulged our little bird brand and said yes to so many crazy Flight Club shenanigans. You participated in our first scavenger hunt. You were adventurous and went on field trips during our traveling summer series. You ran during the awful wildfires, as well as record hot days and frigid temperatures proving that the elements were no match for your drive and discipline just to run. 

We grieved local and national events together and just kept showing up for each other. Some of us experienced loss. Loss of a family member or beloved pet. Loss of a job or friendship that no longer nourished us. Some of us had health challenges and injuries. When words failed us, companionship saved us. When we felt lost or helpless our legs kept showing us the way and we kept running. 

Together we celebrated birthdays, promotions and the arrival of baby Jack (Paula's son). Some of you ran your first 5k, half marathon or the whole enchilada (a full marathon). Others ventured into ultras, team relays or volunteered at races. Time and time again you showed us that no distance or subject matter was off topic for you. 

The greatest sign of trust came when you brought your friends and loved ones to the store. Sometimes you brought them for a run, other times simply during business hours. You wanted the people you love to know how important this space and community is to you and for that we are grateful. Thank you. 

Thank you all for flying with us this year. Join us this Thursday as we reminisce and reflect on 2017 as well as scheme up adventures for 2018. I'm all ears! Here's to a joyful and healthy 2018! Happy New Years friends! 

Brenda Alvarez


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