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A Dramatic Reading of the Love Letters that Come to My Inbox Every Month


Subject: Words of Encouragement
Body: You're a fat pig you fucking disgrace.

Subject: Call it what it is
Body: Eat less run more. It's really that simple you're not strong you're a fraud.

Subject: Dieting
Body: I'm curious why you don't simply have the discipline to go on a diet and lose the excess fat you have? You could look great in weeks with a proper diet. Instead, you would rather literally run away from your problems and act like losing a family member is the hardest thing on earth and thereby grants you the right to pontificate to the rest of us about strength.

What does strength look like? A serious question, adjectives anyone?

*crowd answers - "overcoming adversity" "courage" "bravery" "confidence"*

None of which are physical. Strength does not look a certain way, it feels a certain way – powerful. And when we give people the power to write our stories that's where we give our power away.

All my life I lived in fear that someone would tell me these things and now it happens to me every single month. The difference? I don't give a fuck anymore because I look in the mirror every day and I say this is what strength looks like.

So repeat after me everyone -



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February 28, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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