When Oiselle asked me to do a “Day in the Life” blog I was pumped, how hard could it be? Write a little, add some pictures, maybe a little video. But then came the hard part, choosing a day to chronicle.  Everyday in my life is different.  Is there practice? What is practice? Do I need spikes? Where am I working today: Eclipse Running? Eclipse Pizza? Both? Neither? Is there PT today? Or the chiropractor?  Do I need to double? Is it a lifting day? Am I traveling this weekend? Am I coaching? Racing? Both? Just picture a calendar highlighters threw up on and that’s what I’m working with most days. 

6:00am:    My phone is buzzing around in my blankets somewhere with the alarm memo, “somewhere someone is already up getting it done.”

6:15am:    Bread in the toaster. The coffee pot contains 4am cold coffee, courtesy of my pro-triathlete roommate, who heads to swim before the heat turns on in the morning.  New pot STAT.  Toast pops up. On goes the peanut butter, banana, honey, cinnamon; yes in that exact order everyday. Creature of habit, guilty as charged.

Computer Pic -CL.png


Today is a workout day so I have a few hours to chill, organize my day, catch up on some shows (currently working my way through White Collar), and do some neglected chores.  Working at the running store and restaurant; which means I’ll have to double after work.  Lifting can get moved to tomorrow.  Reminds me I have to update my running log.

8:15am:    Head to the chiropractor before practice.  Do I have everything? Probably not.

8:50am:    Head to campus.


9:10am:    I meet up with Kirk and set up everything for practice.  A couple rows of hurdles.  A plethora of med balls.  Scissor hurdles. Wobble boards. Cones, cones, cones... I’ve never seen so many cones. 

10:00am:  Get the low down on the workout, do pre-run exercises, and head out the door for warm up.  Twelve women will be on the track today.  Some with the same workouts, but many with different times.  Two coaches are there, but one is working out (that’s me).  Having the ability to do workouts at the same time as the athletes I help coach definitely has it’s benefits.  There is always someone to run with and I can give Kirk feedback on how they seem to be going for people real time.  However, there is a lot going on and things can get out of hand very fast.... let the chaos begin.

1:05pm:    Cooling down to my car.  I was supposed to be at Eclipse Running for work 5 minutes ago.  Shoot a quick text to Chuck, the owner- “Just finished practice, be there in 10.” “K. No rush. Did you get a chance to eat?”  Damn that’s what I forgot.  There’s a banana and a bar in my bag, not going to cut it.  Quick stop at Newman’s Deli on the way. 

1:20pm:    Welcome to Eclipse Running, Reno’s oldest running specialty store.  I’ve worked here since high school and have the greatest boss ever.  I’ll spend the first hour or so still in my workout clothes, stretching and foam rolling in between customers.  A few shipments of shoes need to be put away.  A couple customers with special orders get called.  Socks get restocked.

Eclipse Running Co..png


6:00pm:    Head for home.  Usually I’d be headed to Eclipse Pizza for round two of work but it’s slow so they don’t need me (yes, Eclipse Running and Eclipse Pizza are affiliated).

6:15pm:    I’m whimping out on a second run; cold, windy, dark... not my jam.  My sister isn’t at work either! Bike Party! Core Party!  I’ve had my sister living with me for the last eight months and it’s as close as I get to having a full time training partner.  Somebody to be accountable to 24/7.  We hop on our trainers and get plugged into Netflix (I also need music and something to read... high maintenance). 


7:45pm:    Dinner. Our “Core Party” has turned into a foam rolling and stretching party.  Brandon (the triathlete) is home too and is making us feel slightly less accomplished as he tells us how he swam, biked, and ran today.

8:30pm:    Can I justify going to bed before 9? Yea...


Atsuko Tamara