1. We all need a team. We usually have that growing up. Family, sports, school, music… we find a tribe. But once school is over, a lot of that goes away. Especially for women. The Volée is an opt-in team of women who show up for each other, in sport and life.


2. The world is an increasingly isolating place. As little as 20 years ago, culture was vastly different. Without a connected device in every hand, people used to have to, you know, talk to each other. Even though we love the power of the digital age, it’s increasingly isolating. The Volée is about in-real-life connections… just like in the old days, 20 years ago.


3. Life’s better with a goal. It doesn’t even matter what it is. Whether it’s a race distance, a run streak, a certain fitness level, or a marathon on every continent, we’re wired to want to put something on the horizon and move toward it. Sure there’s joy in getting there, but we also know that life is what happens while we’re making plans for the prize.


4. Women know what women want. Nothing against the infinite number of man-co’s, but we’re a woman-co through and through. And when it comes to athletic apparel for women, we get it. Not just because it’s how we live, but also because the Volée has a direct line to the design team, helping us iterate on every product —every year, season in and season out.


5. Membership has its benefits. A selection of premium goodies when you join, an entrée into a global community of women, plus free US domestic shipping on all orders from If you wear clothes when you run, and you like them to be strong and stylish, the ease and convenience of a membership is an apparel lover’s dream come true.


6. The Woman Up Fund. $25 of every Volée membership goes to the Woman Up Fund which supports causes that help girls and women. In addition to the Emerging Elite Athlete Fund, which helps aspiring athletes reach the next level, Oiselle also launched its Bras for Girls bra donation program for middle school girls in need.


7. Birdcamps. All Volée members are eligible to attend to a Birdcamp. It’s like running camp for grown up women! For the past four years, we’ve seen hundreds of women arrive - excited and a little unsure - and depart with new, lifelong friends and connections.


8. The Volée transcends brand. Undoubtedly, we love what we do in the apparel design world. But running is bigger than a single brand. There is zero expectation of brand exclusivity with the Volée. Come one, come all — and come as you are!


9. Support and connect with fierce flyers. Oiselle is a company of (mostly) women looking to do more than design and make beautiful product. We want to build the sisterhood by sharing what we know about training, racing, goal setting, and performance. And we also seek to change the elite sport of running, being vocal in our demands for athletes’ rights, women’s rights, clean sport, and fair governance by the USATF, IAAF, USOC, and IOC.


10. It’s not just for running anymore. Oiselle lovers rejoice… membership in the Volée offers a powerful set of benefits without the requirement for mileage or racing. A new selection of member items means that you can #flystyle to your heart’s content while supporting the Woman Up Fund and the other pro-woman goals and dreams we’ll be out there chasing.



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