Calling all WOC-identifying artists! We’re in search of a rad graphic to celebrate our athletes competing toward Olympic dreams.

Oiselle’s current roster of sponsored athletes features powerful women of color challenging US norms in the distance events. In light of the USA Track & Field Olympic Trials this summer, and for the love of our athletes competing, we’re celebrating their determination, grit, and joy as they strive toward a 2024 US Olympic Team qualification. With your help, the winning design will be featured on the front of a black or white shirt and sold leading up to the USA Track & Field Trials. Proceeds will be donated to the Running Industry Diversity Coalition!

We are a By Women, For Women brand, and we’re excited to celebrate both the determined women on our team and the communities that raised them. We encourage female-identifying and gender expansive artists to apply.

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Submission guidelines

  • Accepting submissions March 30 - April 19.
  • Graphic will be printed on a black or white unisex short sleeve shirt.
  • Submit digital artwork in the form of .eps or .pdf only. 
  • 3-color maximum, please note these will be screen printed.
  • Design will be available for purchase on in early June... stay tuned for the news!
  • The selected artist will be compensated $500.



Track is a solitary pursuit, but success doesn’t happen in isolation. Each athlete lives a uniquely independent journey on the way to  the Olympic Trials starting line, representing miles run, mental and physical challenges overcome, and a lifetime of striving. Each athlete is an essential presence in the greater community of the sport: their lives intersect in a dance of highs, lows, and ambitions, and they support, motivate, and influence each other’s movement through life and sport.


Fine Print

One graphic will be selected at the discretion of Oiselle. Submissions accepted 3/30 - 4/19. Oiselle has the right to make small edits/changes to final Artwork selected.  By submitting, you’re granting permission to Oiselle to use art on social media and other marketing channels, with credit to the creator/artist.
Submission must be Artist’s original intellectual property, and consist of new Artwork that hasn’t been shared/licensed/sold. Artist guarantees that submissions will be free from any plagiarism and likeness to an artwork not belonging to or created by the Artist.

It is understood and agreed that the Artwork is being developed by the Artist for consideration by Oiselle. If selected, the Artwork will be used by Oiselle exclusively for Oiselle’s Olympic Trials Fan tee, sold 5/31, and directly associated marketing.
IF the Artist’s work is selected, Oiselle shall retain exclusive use of the Artwork through 2024,

  • after which Oiselle retains the right to the Artwork for purposes related to the marketing, promotion, and sales of the Olympic Trials Fan tee, and the Artist retains the right to use the Artwork for purposes of the Artist’s choosing. The Artist shall not publicly share the Artwork until the launch of the Olympic Trials Fan tee (Exact Date TBD). Artist grants Oiselle the right to manufacture, advertise, and sell products featuring the Artwork on the 2024 Olympic Trials Fan Tee. Oiselle retains the right to use the Artist’s name in connection with the marketing and promotion of the 2024 Olympic Trials Fan tee. Use of the Artist’s image will be approved by the Artist prior to release of marketing and promotional materials.

IF the Artist’s work is not selected, Artist can opt-in OR opt-out of granting Oiselle permission to 

  • use Artwork on social media and marketing channels, with credit to the Artist. If Oiselle does not select Artist’s work, Oiselle does not retain rights to the Artwork for purposes related to the design and production of the 2024 Olympic Trials Fan Tee. Artist retains the right to use the Artwork for purposes of the Artist’s choosing. 


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