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We are committed to advancing women and girls in sport. Below are some useful resources we recommend for the female athlete. We will be continue to build out these resources, so check back for updates!

Lauren Fleshman’s Letter to Her Younger Self

Oiselle is honored to reprint Lauren's letter, "Dear Younger Me," originally published by Milesplit in 2017. This message can never be said enough. READ MORE

Warning Signs in an Athlete-Coach Relationship

A coach might be one of the first relationships a young person has outside of their immediate family. And sometimes we know very little about their qualifications or skills... READ MORE

7 Myths of Distance Running for Females

There are still too many myths about what it takes to be a good distance runner, especially for girls and women. Please help us spread the word, and chime in with other myths that need debunking! READ MORE

Middle School Guide: Breast Development and Sports Bra Fit

As a by women, for women athletic apparel company, and an all-paces, all-ages running team, we believe sports build lifelong confidence in girls and women. READ MORE


Why Girls Stop Running in the Tween Years

The positive impact of a sports bra is often evident the first day.

Menstrual Cycle & Training

The importance of maintaining your monthly cycle and how to use your periods to your advantage as an athlete.

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