The Volée is a global community made up of women with diverse running backgrounds and different goals. Women join the Volée for many reasons: to join a run community, to connect with a diverse group of powerful women, to meet a local run buddy, to support girls in sport, to help elite athletes thrive in their athletic pursuits, to expand their network, be part of a feminist mission, and many other reasons. We are committed to building our community: one that is strong, supportive, and passionate. Today we are thousands of members strong, and we encourage you to look below to learn more about the Volée team and who is running near you! If you are interested in joining the Volée team, please submit your info below, and email with any team-related questions. Our January Volée opening is happening now. Click below to join!


- Volée Welcome Kit
- $40 Oiselle gift code for use in the Volée Team Shop
- Free shipping on all U.S. orders
- Early access to new and limited edition Oiselle product
- Entry to Oiselle's exclusive Volée Team App
- Access to a team leader near you
- Monthly newsletter from The Nest (Oiselle HQ)
- Invitation to team-only events at major races, fan experiences, and unique Volée gatherings such as Big Birdcamp
- A portion of all membership fees are donated to our Woman Up Fund that goes toward helping our Haute Volée athletes, Bras for Girls, and other Volée programs

We use technology to foster real-life experiences. The Volée Team App is a new and state of the art tool for community connection, where you can interact with teammates (including Oiselle HQ), download training plans, and get product sneak peeks. The Team App is location-enabled, so you can meet up and make run friends wherever you travel. When you join the Volée, you will receive an invitation to join the Team App, which is available for download in the Apple App Store.



There are Oiselle Volée members running all over the world! Use the map below to zoom in and see if we're running in your area. The purple pin represents the Volée Leader closest to you. If you have more questions, please reach out to


We invite new members to join throughout the year; our January opening is happening now!